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Anne Wilson: Unfoldings

Featured New Book

Posted 08.04.09 by Sarah Phillips '10

The slightly discolored fabric… resembles skin; fastening the scraps together are faint seams resembling scars… 

Anne Wilson's "Mourning Cloth (drape)", detail

Anne Wilson’s work combines hair with old linens and cloths to create a dialogue between discarded fibers of the body and in relation to the body. Almost all of the pieces reproduced in Unfoldings are made of both hair and fabric that she has deconstructed and reconfigured.

There are a few distinct bodies of work within Wilson's language of materials. With “Mendings” she takes old, half destroyed fabric and incorporates human hair and embroidery, emphasizing the holes instead of fixing them. “Edges” takes large strips of fabric and emphasizes the fraying edge with embroidering.

With writings from Lisa Tung, Tina Yapelli, and Kathryn Hixson, Unfoldings highlights Wilson’s exhibitions at Massachusetts College of Art and San Diego State University with great visual reproductions. Although the book only shows a small cross-section of Wilson’s work, the pieces are cohesive and discussed well by the authors.

The book pays special attention to Wilson’s piece “Topologies.” The delicate handiwork of hair and fabric from earlier projects find a larger scale in this work. A large, white, horizontal plane is filled with tiny examples of crochet, lace, and threads that interact with each other without intersecting. Overall, the book is short but engaging, asking the viewer to look long and close at Wilson’s intricate artworks.

Anne Wilson: Unfoldings
Boston: Massachusetts College of Art, c2002
N6537 .W5823 A4 2002 Stacks