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Faculty Member Nadia Hironaka Features Work in Two Video Installation Exhibitions

Right Here, Out There (Nowhere) goes international

Posted 02.17.10 by mica media relations

Nadia Hironaka

The latest video and sound installation by Nadia Hironaka, a faculty member in MICA's video and film arts department, and Matthew Suib is playing at two international venues. The video, Right Here, Out There (Nowhere), will be part of Madrid's ARCOmadrid Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo, CinemaLoop, from  Wednesday, Feb. 17-Sunday, Feb. 21, and can be viewed at Galapagos Art Space (16 Main St., Brooklyn) from Tuesday, March 2-Sunday, April 18.

From the Galapagos site:

This striking work evocatively appropriates and weaves together original footage and science fiction films and television programs. Drifting in layers that slip over and through one another, the scenes seem to draw the viewer through a dreamlike, but ultimately barren and foreboding landscape, creating a mesmerizing vision of an imagined future, or an alien world. The gorgeous soundtrack of cosmic noise picked up by radio telescopes together with a remix of new music by Espers reinforces the eeriness of the unfolding scenery.

The outer space environment calls to mind a full range of sci-fi tropes. The peculiar structures and flying saucers suggest an ever-evolving progress toward more advanced technology and efficiently functioning societies. The worlds depicted in such films are often projections of our own worst fears, flying saucers being equally emblematic of the terror of the unidentified, unnamed, and unknown other. And the very real threat posed by such environments is finally laid bare at the end, with a body drifting off into space.

Nadia Hironaka and Matthew Suib, based in Philadelphia, have collaborated since 2008. Nadia Hironaka received a Pew Fellowship in the Arts in 2006. Her work has been shown at The Fabric Workshop and Museum (Philadelphia), The Institute of Contemporary Art (Philadelphia), and internationally. Hironaka's second solo museum exhibition The Late Show was recently presented at Arizona State University Art Museum. Matthew Suib has exhibited internationally at venues including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Kunstwerke Berlin, PS1 Contemporary Art Center (New York), and the 2007 Moscow Biennale. His 2006 project, Purified by Fire, has been commissioned for exhibition in Miami, Chicago, Toronto and Paris. Both have been named fellows of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, in 2008 and 2005 respectively. In 2007, as an extension of their artistic practice, Hironaka and Suib founded Screening (www.screeningvideo.org), Philadelphia's first gallery dedicated to the presentation of innovative and challenging works on video and film.


Image caption: Nadia Hironaka, Right Here, Out There (Nowhere), video still (detail), 2010.