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Facebook Page Surpasses 20,000 Likes

MICA has steadily increased its likes since joining Facebook on Dec. 28, 2008

Posted 03.13.14 by MICA Communications

MICA on Facebook

MICA is excited to announce that it has surpassed 20,000 likes on its Facebook page, facebook.com/mica.edu. With 1.23 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide, as of Dec. 31, 2013, MICA understands the possible reach this social media platform offers. The College embraces directly communicating through Facebook with its students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, prospective students, community partners, arts and higher education institutions, media and friends.

MICA joined Facebook on Dec. 28, 2008, and it has steadily increased its likes from 1,500 in December 2009; 3,258 in December 2010; 4,757 in December 2011; 7,427 in December 2012; and 12,865 in December 2013 to 20,000 today.

Embracing the word of mouth culture of social media, the College welcomes campus departments to maintain their own Facebook pages. To date, MICA has at least 24 departmental Facebook pages that keep in touch directly with their specific audiences, while working together through the campuswide Social Media Advisory Group.

"Like" MICA's Facebook page to stay tuned into upcoming events and exhibitions, College community projects and successes, media coverage highlights, campus photos, and inclement weather and potential critical incident updates.