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Behind the Scenes at ARTstor

Digital Imaging Tips from the Professionals

Posted 11.02.12 by Kathy Cowan

What does it take to get an image ready for the ARTstor image database? 

ARTstor image adjustment

ARTstor is a top image database for art and humanistic studies, with over one million digital images in the arts, architecture, humanities, and sciences. MICA is fortunate to have a subscription to this resource for study and teaching. ARTstor's collection complements other subscription image databases provided by the Decker Library, as well as the Media Resources Collection offerings of digital images and 35mm slides, which can be accessed by log-in to the Library catalog.

You might ask, "What does it take to get an image ready for the ARTstor Digital Library?" -- or, for that matter, for the MRC's online collections?

In a series of "Behind the Scenes" blog posts, Lily Galib (ARTstor's Production Associate for Image Quality Control) answers this question with a three-part description of the process for making light value and color adjustments on ARTstor's Digital Library images. These techniques are also used, in-house, by Art Soontornsaratool (Digital Specialist) and other staff in MICA's Media Resources Collection for processing digital images that are scanned from books or slides for faculty and classroom use. You, too, can get professional results by following these guidelines!

ARTstor blog: artstor.wordpress.com/category/behind-the-scenes

How to Access ARTstor

ARTstor is available on the Web from computers on campus at www.artstor.org.

To access ARTstor off campus, visit the ARTstor website and register as a user while on campus. Provide your email address for a user id, and create a password. Having registered, you will have off-campus access to log in with your user id and password for 120 days. Each time you log in to ARTstor from a computer on campus, your off-campus access is extended for 120 days.

Other Image Databases at MICA

Art Museum Image Gallery - Digital images of 90,000+ artworks from European, American, and Canadian museums.

AP Images - Primary source images and media for research and download for use in design projects. Over 4.6 million photographs (1826 to current); tens of thousands of graphics; 4,500+ hours of audio files dating from the 1920's; news stories and headlines dating from 1997. Content from The Associated Press.

Berg Fashion Library - Includes the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion online, e-books, reference works, images, and more.

Cinema Image Gallery - Over 150,000 digital still images from movies, television and the entertainment industry, plus over 4,000 posters and other promotional images.

All are available through the Research Databases page on the Decker Library's website from on campus, or through the Remote Access page while off campus.

Contact the Media Resources Collection staff with any questions about ARTstor, the MRC's image collections, and obtaining digital images for study and teaching.
(410) 225-7005

Image information:
Thumbnail on Library homepage: Levels adjustment tool in Photoshop. From ARTstor blog post.
This page: Image in production at ARTstor: (Original image) A. Beckmann, F. N'Thepe | ZAC Paris Rive Gauche; Apartments, 2007 | 13e arrondissement, Paris, France. From ARTstor blog post.



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