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Chronicle of Philanthropy, Education Feature MICA in Series of Articles

Everything from notable students to the College's reuse of buildings featured

Posted 02.28.11 by MICA Communications

Mount Royal Station was noted for its creative reuse
  • The Chronicle of Philanthropy, in "How to Recruit Good Photographers on a Tiny Budget," highlights MICA students as great photography interns. Read the article here.

  • The new M.P.S. in The Business of Art & Design was featured extensively in a Chronicle of Higher Education story about the new educational push to "Shift From Making Art to Managing It." The dean of the program, David Gracyalny, said "What was missing were the skills to be small entrepreneurs, and that's what we designed this program to train them in." Read the article here.

  • Heather Winchell '14 has won the Chronicle of Higher Education, Arts & Academe's first monthly film contest. Her animation, Unpredictable, was completed as a final project during her Electronic Media and Culture class in fall 2010. The judges said they "find Unpredictable the coolest, quirkiest, and most ... unpredictable" of the films entered. "We like the way the stuttery soundtrack matches the jerky animation, the fine use of stop motion, and the humor of the ‘story,' too." To read what the Chronicle judges said about her film and to find out about the monthly competition, click here.

  • Faculty member Mikita Brottman wrote two articles for the Chronicle this year, "Ted Serios and Psychic Projections" in February and "The Not-So-Golden State" in January.

  • Provost Ray Allen was quoted in a Chronicle of Higher Education story about AP art classes. Read the full article here or a story about it here.

  • In a Chronicle of Higher Education story, "Could an Old Factory Be Your College's Next Building?," about reusing existing structures to "save millions and maximize sustainability," MICA is noted for the College's use of the Mount Royal Station building, which used to be B&O Railroad's 1896 Mount Royal passenger station. Read the article here.