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Kaelie Barnard, 2009

Kaelie Barnard is from New Mexico and Texas and works in costume, installation, and performance. She is not trying to trick you. She just wants you along for the ride.

Collection: Forty Centuries Look Down on Us: Napoleon v. the Giant Birds of Prey

When Bonaparte awoke, he was in a very strange land. As the fog cleared he could see that large birds peered at him from every direction--from the cliffs and hills, from the ravines below him, from the treetops. A vulture leered from a distance. Even the eagle chick in the nest nearby gave him a predatory glare. "Fear not," he told his other selves, "for we are a man of destiny. From the heights of these impossibly misty mountains, forty centuries look down on us!" And with that, he drew his sword and charged the nest...