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Amy Mann, 2010

Amy Mann

Amy Mann is a performer, sculptor, designer, painter, and videographer who currently lives in Baltimore. She travels to New York City as often as possible to work for a vintage clothing and handbag company. She will most likely be moving to New York in 2010 if all goes to plan.


This collection tells the story of a post-apocalyptic gang of poor, starving actors and artists that didn't feel like they would ever make it to the top. They were bound together by their love of making and their love of each other. Looking for whatever materials the privileged left behind, they roamed the streets of Baltimore looking for a place to shine. Armed with only their brains and their boots, they stumbled upon glamorous amounts of pearls and scraps of knitted fabrics. Construction of the most beautiful garments began to take place, while thoughts of being fabulous ran through their heads. The outcome was quite more than what they had expected as they were welcomed into the hearts and homes of those more fortunate than them wearing their newly constructed garments. They had created something beautiful out of something somebody had thrown away. Now as they feast on filet mignon and wine in the homes of the most privileged, they can't help but think they are wearing their trash at the dinner table.