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Biking on Mt. Royal Avenue

Many students have expressed interest in a bicycle lane on Mt. Royal Avenue. President Lazarus has penned the following note to interested students

Posted 02.02.12 by Fred Lazarus

Thank you for your email concerning designated bike lanes on Mt. Royal Avenue.

For many years, MICA has been working to make changes on Mount Royal Avenue to reduce traffic, reduce the speed of traffic, and enhance the safety of pedestrians. In recent years as the use of bikes has increased, we have made bike safety one of our top priorities. In fact, the safety of everyone who uses Mount Royal is one of our highest concerns. Unfortunately, MICA faculty and students have been hit by cars; in fact, one of our students was killed by a speeding driver. In addition, cyclists have also been victims. Our goal is to find solutions that result in the increased safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

From your email, there seems to be misperceptions about MICA's position and my role in the effort to change the traffic patterns on Mount Royal. A few years ago we began working with the City of Baltimore's Transportation Department to make a number of changes that would address all of our concerns on Mount Royal. For instance, some of the changes in the design of the intersections have already been completed, and these changes already are making the pedestrians crossings safer.

From the start, we have asked the City and traffic engineers about bike safety issues. They, like MICA, are working for solutions that make the street safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Michael Molla, our Vice President for Operations, a major advocate for cyclists, has been leading this dialog with the City and will be working with the Student Voice Association (SVA) on campus at MICA, which has also raised this issue. The SVA is scheduling a meeting with all who are concerned. We would like to discuss the issues regarding a bike share lane and hear the thoughts of all who are concerned. I have also attached a statement from the City on these issues so you are aware of their perspective, as well. Thanks for taking time to raise this issue with me.


Fred Lazarus