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Beyonce's Lemonade Resource Guide

This guide supports further research into Beyoncé's literary, film, and history references in her visual album 'Lemonade.'

Posted 05.02.16 by Jennifer Ferretti, Digital Initiatives Librarian

Beyoncé's visual album Lemonade is an hour and five minutes of music, poetry, and references to history, literature, and art. In April a mysterious and vague trailer on HBO for the visual album preceded its one-day release on the same network before moving over to Tidal who has exclusive streaming rights. (The album can be purchased, but not streamed, from other music and video providers.)

The visual album required several directors and cinematographers to create a beautifully shot, cohesive narrative story of a woman going through stages of grief. The story is equally powerful to the visuals. The contemporary and historical ideas Beyoncé is touching on in Lemonade lends itself to a perfect opportunity to discuss research and information through a point of reference everyone more or less is familiar with.

If you scroll through various social media sites, it is difficult to ignore all of the articles that have been written on Lemonade so far. Many of those articles have given insight into certain imagery, literary and film references, and discuss the musicians she collaborated with to make the visual album. The Lemonade research guide is meant to provide different perspectives, opinions, and ideas referenced or directly addressed in the visual album.

The Lemonade guide includes a mix of printed books, publications, and online work from popular websites. It can be used to demonstrate the differences between primary, secondary, and peer-reviewed sources. Copyright, Creative Commons, and public domain could also be explained and explored.

See also: https://medium.com/@CityThatReads/art-is-information-part-i-9d0cbc35907c#.efq88bk5c

This page was last updated on 05/04/2016.