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Baltimore Sun Feature Reveals President Fred Lazarus IV's Office Space

"My Desk, My Life" Shows President as Campus Man, Rarely in His Office

Posted 09.20.10 by mica communications

Fred Lazarus, the great-grandfather of MICA's President

The Baltimore Sun's weekly feature My Desk, My Life, which looks at area movers-and-shakers' work spaces, featured MICA President Fred Lazarus IV's utilitarian office on Sept. 20.

"The only time I spend time at my desk is when I'm taking phone calls," he told reporter Sloane Brown in explaining the simplicity of his desk, which is covered in sentimental objects, including a paperweight photo of his great-grandfather that has sat on his father's and grandfather's desks as well (pictured above).

He also talked about a plate given to him by Baltimore Mayor William Donald Schaefer in 1978, an engraved Steuben glass piece given to him by the MICA board for his 20th year as president, and small sculptures given to him by alumni or his daughter, Anna.