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Jackie Littman "The Little Bug" in Top 10 Kids Apps 2014

Graphic Design MFA '14 Alumna featured on USA Today

Posted 12.12.14 by Office of Graduate Studies

Graphic Design, MFA alumnus Jackie Littman was showcased in the USA Today Online review this week for her 2014 thesis work, "The Little Bug." Named Best Science Book App of The Top 10 Kid's Apps, "The Little Bug" is an interactive 28-page story children's app for ages 3 and up that  introduces children to the diversity of backyard insects in an original story that inspires curiosity, confidence, and a love of learning.

 The little bug meets many fascinating insect friends on his adventures through the garden. Each one has a wonderful talent: the grasshopper makes music, the and digs tunnels, and the bee makes honey. The Little Bug book app shows kids a small blue caterpillar slowly walking through a garden setting. As he meets the other inhabitants of the garden, the Little Bug marvels at all the wondrous things his neighbors can do.

Players join in on the adventure by interacting with the inhabitants of the garden and all of the plants. Kids create a symphony of sound by tapping the grasshoppers and the surrounding flowers. With the honeybee, kids select empty honeycombs so the bee can deposit its honey. The Katydid is so good at camouflage that the reader must hunt among the leaves to find a hidden bug. Kids will also learn what is special about a fly, a snail, a dragonfly, an ant, a firefly, and a spider.

When the little caterpillar meets a spider, the arachnid encourages the Little Bug to try to see if he too can spin a web. The story ends when the Little Bug emerges out of the cocoon he spun and discovers why he too is special.

From USA Today:

Best science book app: A backyard garden comes alive with sounds, eye-catching graphics and exciting animation as a little caterpillar inches his way across each page. Young scientists will find camouflaged insects hiding in flowers, conduct grasshoppers who make music by rubbing their legs, uncover ant tunnels and spin a spider's web. The Little Bug comes to a spectacular end when the caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

Littman is a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for the illustrated and interactive. She has a background in the graphic design, children's theatre, and software instruction. When not behind a computer screen, she can be found making egg sandwiches, reading mystery novels, and traveling. To view more projects by Jakie Littman, visit her website

Purchase The Little Bug App online.