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A Slice of MICA

Take a little bite out of MICA's History

Posted 08.22.12 by Rachel Beckman '11

The Decker Library isn't just a keeper of books — it's also a keeper of MICA's history. 

image of annual reports

This Summer we've traveled around the world and through history with several library exhibitions featuring museums and collections of outstanding caliber. Students and faculty have likely done the same, using Summer break as a chance to travel and to work and study abroad. As the new semester begins, however, it's time to do some exploring closer to home.

We're starting the 2012-2013 school year off with our best foot forward and a look at all that makes MICA great and wonderful! The Decker Library isn't just a keeper of books -- it's also a keeper of MICA's history. That's why on the upper level you'll find two whole museum cases full of materials from the Special Collections relating specifically to different periods in MICA's past, including some fantastic finds from our archives dating back to the late 1800s. Also on display are artists' books from faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as a book that answers the question, "Who is that William Rinehart guy?"

Continuing downstairs, we've scoured the library through and through to showcase publications featuring and authored by the many talented members of the MICA family. We have catalogs, children's books, and poetry galore, not to mention DVDs and VHS tapes of lectures, films, and the Baltimore-born Tamara Dobson of Cleopatra Jones.

The exhibition will run through the entire month of September, so you have plenty of time to come on down and study up.

Exhibition dates: August 22- September 28, 2012

Not on the list but know you're in our library? We did our very best to include everyone, but we know there are bound to be some misses! Send an e-mail to rbeckman@mica.edu with the publication name and call number, and Rachel will put you on the list for next time!

Image Information:
Thumbnail on Library Homepage: Making History/ Making Art by Douglas Frost & Art Schooled by Larry Witham

This Page: Maryland Institute Annual Reports, 1892-93 and 1905-06