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7th Annual Transmodern Festival

April 15-18 at Baltimore Museum of Art + H&H Building

Posted 04.13.10

The 7th Annual Transmodern Festival!!

April 15th thru April 18th, 2010

Four Days of Avant Performance, Installation,
Sound, Film, Mayhem, Ecstasy, and Radical Culture!

Following last year's record attendance and crowds, the festival expands programming to the Baltimore Museum of Art, continues programming on all four floors of the H&H Building and moves outdoor site-specific work to selected areas of Baltimore waterfront. The festival's visionary approach to presenting new multi-disciplinary work continues to attract regional art lovers, local cultural mavens, occasional passers-by, critical acclaim, and on-going academic interest.

The festival kicks off on Thursday, April 15th at the Baltimore Museum of Art with an hour-long experimental film program including MICA's own Nadia Hironaka,  along with Amie Siegel, Ben Russell, Gregg Biermann, Jeanne Liotta, Laida Lertxundi, and Nancy Evelyn Andrews.

Join the Digital Media Center at Johns Hopkins University and the 2010 Transmodern Festival for the following lectures:

Sunday April 18, 4 p.m.
Johns Hopkins University Homewood Campus
Mattin 101 SDS room
(located at the Charles Street edge of the Homewood campus at the western terminus of 33rd Street)

Vicki Bennett - People Like Us
Since 1991 Vicki Bennett has been making CDs, radio, and A/V multimedia
under the name People Like Us. Vicki has shown work at, amongst others, Tate
Modern, The National Film Theatre, Purcell Room, The ICA, and the Sydney
Opera House. Join us for this exciting lecture on her work and experiences
as an internationally exhibiting video artist and performer.

Tom Boram and Dan Breen - Snacks
Baltimore experimental Music/Food duo Snacks, aka Tom Boram and Dan Breen,
are in the midst of making a musical sci-fi film entitled "GASA: Memory
Overload". Although experimental in nature, the film is a melting casserole
of references to film genres such as silent film comedies, B-grade 60s
sexploitation, straight-to-video Hong Kong children's scatological action
movies and pretentious arthouse eye-candy such as Kenneth Anger or Alejandro
Jodorowsky. Snacks will be discussing their methods of contriving a
"pseudo-animation" atmosphere for the film through the use of
lighting/speed/editing gimmicks, controlled indoor sets, and an entirely
fabricated sound design, combining traditional and fairly bizarre "foley"

Official Site: http://www.transmodernfestival.org/2010/


7th Annual Transmodern Festival

Happening April 15-April 18

MICA connection: There are numerous members of the MICA community involved, including Laure Drogoul '81, Lydia Kenselaar '07, Rebecca Nagle '08 and Matt Lohry '11, who are on the curating team for the festival; and Gary Kachadourian '79, Jen Kirby '08, Nadia Hironaka (faculty), Robby Rackleff '09, Sarah Jablecki '08 and Valeska Populoh (faculty) are all exhibiting artists among many others

• Transmodern is a festival of provocative works by cultural experimenters from Baltimore and beyond. The artists of the 7th Annual Transmodern Festival defy traditional genres and embrace radical innovation through transmedia, clashes of organic vs. artificial intelligence, psychogeography, dislocation of consensus reality, real politic and collective cultural action.


E-mail filmandvideo@mica.edu with any questions or concerns.