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60+ New Artists' Books

Works recently added to the collection are now available for in-house viewing, and included in the Book Arts Catalog

Posted 11.07.13 by Kathy Cowan

Hedgefrog by Peggy Johnston

The Library is rolling out more than 60 artists' books that have recently been added to our collection.

The cataloging and digital teams have been busy preparing these new items for use, which includes doing photography to represent the works within the Library's Book Arts Catalog, where each book is represented with two images for visual access to the collection.

Click on the links below to preview the books, or go to the Book Arts Catalog to search and browse the whole collection (with a total of 458 titles). Then come to the Information Desk on the lower level of the Library to request in-house viewing!

Image information
Thumbnail: Considering a Multiplicity of Appearances ... by Olaf Nicolai
Above: Hedgefrog by Peggy Johnston
Photographed by Art Soontornsaratool

Alphabet by Dikko Faust

Nature Abhors by Philip Zimmermann

Dancing with Numbers by Erik Kessels

Fire Guys by Idan Hayosh

Guide to Art Vandalism Tools Their History and Their Use: An Illustrated Encyclopedia by Steven Goss

3 Three by Ryan R. Compton -- MICA alumni

Boundless by David Stairs

Fox Hunting in Baltimore: The Map for Explorers and Baltimore Bound by Ida Elisabet Liffner

[Untitled Shadow Box Book] by Maryann Riker

One Hundred Footsteps Poems & Collage Drawings by Katherine Kavanaugh -- MICA Faculty

Wrongly Bodied: Documenting Transition from Female to Male by Clarissa T. Sligh

On&On by Rachel Campbell-Johnston

Hedgefrog by Peggy Johnston

Ade by Jan Voss

To Come Upon a Street by AB Gorham

Team Evil; High Anxiety by Bill Fick

Mother Goose by Robert E. Wilson II

Travelog: Guidebook and Map by Donna Ratajczak

Fibonacci Flower by Susan Happersett

Space + Time by Ken Leslie

Death of an Infant by Lydia Howard Sigourney

Spaces by Telfer Stokes

Legendary Lexical Loquacious Love by Eve Rhymer

Make No Plans by Kevin Riordan

All the World's Fighter Planes by Fiona Banner

Steve + Sky by Felix van Groeningen

Vertigo by Amy Pirkle

Wrong Size Fits All by Brad Freeman

Emerge by Kitty Maryatt et al.

Clinkscale by Telfer Stokes

Headrawings by David Stairs

Considering a Multiplicity of Appearances In Light of a Particular Relevance by Olaf Nicolai

Troggy: The Little Brother by Noel Freibert

Sediment by C.F.

Plah Plah Pli Plah by Alison Knowles

Grapefruit: A Book of Instructions by Yoko Ono -- as seen on the Decker Library Tumblr!

Ruth on the Phone by Nigel Shafran

Archiv Peter Piller: Kraft by Peter Piller

The Address Book by Sophie Calle

This Is Not My Wife by Erik van der Weijde

Films by Paul Graham

And by Peter Downsbrough

Occupy Your Wallet by Emily Artinian

Ojala by Philip Zimmermann

Do a Bucket by Bart Eysink Smeets

Hold Me Close by Johannah K. Hall

Joe by Brad Freeman

Art Prison #5 "Som" by Gijs Deddens

IX-V: mlproject by Melissa Meyer

Bodies 'n' type by Jeff Lowry -- as seen on the Decker Library Tumblr!

War diary by Michalis Pichler

Vajazzlin' by Molly Colleen O'Connell

Pathern: Path + Pattern by Ana Cordeiro

I Keep Forgetting to Breathe by Nanette Wylde

Safari by Jurgen Maelfeyt

Make It by Stephanie Copoulos-Selle

Out of Sorts by Kitty Maryatt et al.

Admeasure by Michelle Ray

Typografische Notizen 2 by Romano Hanni

Worte Machen das Unendliche Enlich by Romano Hanni

Shelter by Philip Zimmermann

Local Horses by Benjamin Lord

Meditation by Philip Woollam

The Mammoth Tree by Clifton Meador



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