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MyCard & Flex Plan FAQ

What is a MICARD and where can it be used?
The MICARD is a single card used for student identification, access to campus buildings, meal plans, and as a debit card for purchases on campus. Students can also use it to establish a Flex Account to make purchases at the College Store, in residence hall laundry rooms, vending machines, Decker Library, the post office, print lab, or to purchase food at any campus dining location.

How do students create a MICARD Flex Account?
Creating a MICARD Flex Account is easy to do. Simply deposit funds into the MICA Flex Dollars Account from a personal payment by check, credit card, money order, or cash. Students can transfer any remaining money from their student account into their Flex Account. Balances will be carried forward from year to year, provided a student remains enrolled. Graduates in good financial standing will have any Flex Account balance automatically refunded within 90 days after graduation. To add Flex Account dollars to an account, visit MICA GET - Account at https://get.cbord.com/mica. You can sign in with your MICA username and passwords or make a deposit as a guest without logging in.

What is the required amount for creating a MICARD Flex Account?
Students can set up Flex Accounts at any dollar amount, and may replenish its value at any time. When replenishing the MICARD Flex Account with cash or check, we require a minimum amount of $20. When replenishing with a debit or credit card at the office, please be aware that the minimum amount is $50.

How will a student know his or her remaining purchasing power?
Each time a student makes a purchase, the remaining Flex Account balance will be indicated at the terminal or on the receipt, which helps with budgeting. They can also check their flex balances by visiting MICA GET - Account at https://get.cbord.com/mica.