Emily C-D '05

Invited was organized by MICA's M.F.A. in Curatorial Practice and will feature site-specific artworks by local and international artists in 10 Station North businesses, as well as a celebratory-themed gallery show in MICA's newly renovated Studio Center Sheila & Richard Riggs and Leidy Galleries.

Invited: Anniversary List Artist

Emily C-D '05


Nutty Sensations

34 E. Lanvale St.
Anniversary: First (paper)

Emily C-D is an interdisciplinary artist who splits her time between Baltimore and Mexico City. Her practice spans the gamut of installation, sculpture, illustration, collage, costume, performance and mural painting. She uses recycled materials whenever possible and often works collaboratively. Her involvement in community art has been a natural outgrowth of a creative process concerned with transformation. From the United States to Mexico, she has involved children and young adults in fun, interactive projects that blur the line between spectator and participant. She has been a pioneer in the mural movement of painting on the street surface.

Past Artwork by Emily C-D