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Donor-Funded Scholarships: M-O

Carrie Macedonia '03 Memorial Scholarship

The Carrie Macedonia '03 Memorial Scholarship commemorates Carrie Macedonia, a MICA printmaking major who passed away in 2002. The scholarship is funded by Carrie's parents and grandparents and generously contributed to by other family, friends, and associates. Carrie was a beloved member of the MICA community and is remembered especially for her enthusiasm, leadership, sense of humor, and masterful screen prints and etchings.

MAEF Scholarships

The Maryland Artists Equity Foundation (MAEF) was incorporated in 1984 as a nonprofit foundation that sought to award scholarships to gifted young artists and encourage them to seek careers in the visual arts. In 2008, MAEF merged with Maryland Institute College of Art to enhance its fundraising and scholarship efforts. The MAEF at MICA scholarships are awarded to students from Maryland with financial need.

Seymour Mandelbaum Merit Scholarship

The Seymour Mandelbaum Merit Scholarship is an endowed scholarship that is given annually to meritorious and deserving students of any major. It was established in 1932 with a bequest from the estate of Seymour Mandelbaum. According to a 1932 MICA Catalogue, the funds should be used toward the payment of a scholarship for deserving students with financial need.

F. Grainger Marburg Traveling Award

The F. Grainger Marburg Traveling Award was created in 1988 to honor the memory of F. Grainger Marburg, a successful Baltimore businessman and vice-president of the Municipal Art Society. The award is given annually to a graduating senior for domestic or foreign art-related travel.

Dr. Frank C. Marino Foundation Scholarship 

The Dr. Frank C. Marino Foundation Scholarship is funded by Marguerite Marino VillaSanta, a local patron of the arts.

Dr. Frankie Martin Scholarship

Dr. Frankie Martin's legacy in the MICA community is exceptional. Frankie received her BA from Grambling State University, her MA in Special Education from Coppin State University, and a doctorate in Urban Education Leadership from Morgan State University. Frankie came to MICA in 1993 as a Mentoring Specialist, served for many years as the International Student Advisor, and became MICA's first ever first Director of Multi-ethnic Affairs in 1998. She has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of students, and created, through her office, many of MICA's signature events, including the Fashion Show, International Education Week, the Caribbean Carnival, and Unity Week Celebration. Frankie also played a significant role in jumpstarting MICA's recent Diversity and Inclusion Initiative. In 2008, Frankie retired from MICA after 15 years, and students, alumni, colleagues, and friends established the Dr. Frankie Martin Scholarship, to honor Frankie's legacy.

Maryland Artists Equity Foundation Pre-College Award

The Maryland Artists Equity Foundation Pre-College Award is given to a student enrolled in MICA's Pre-College Program.

Maryland Photographic Society Scholarship

The Maryland Photographic Society Scholarship is given annually to a returning Photography major who exhibits excellence in photography. MICA Photography Department chair Jack Wilgus and several others interested in photography and the history of Maryland photography founded the Maryland Photographic Society (MPS), formerly the Chesapeake Antiquarian Photographic Society, in 1971, and it operated until 2010. MPS's membership included amateur and professional photographers, collectors, and historians, and its mission was to promote photographic excellence. To this end, the group held meetings, invited speakers and guest critics, and published a quarterly newsletter. In the past, MPS also put on photographic shows, the proceeds from which were used to create this endowed scholarship and similar scholarships at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship

The Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship was established in 1988 with a generous gift from an anonymous donor. The fellowship is awarded annually to a senior photography major to finance a personal photographic project in the United States or abroad after graduation.

Neil & Sayra Meyerhoff Scholarship

Neil Meyerhoff joined MICA's Board of Trustees in 1977 and continued a family tradition of playing a critical role in transforming a school of art into the nationally and internationally respected College that it is today. For over 30 years, Neil and his wife Sayra have devoted themselves to strengthening MICA in numerous ways--from participating in long range planning and building a campus, to fundraising and diversity initiatives. This scholarship honors the commitment, intelligence, ideas, and continuity they have provided to MICA. Mr. Meyerhoff chaired the Board of Trustees from 2004 - 2008, and was the first Chair of the Board who has been a professional artist, with his photographs in the collections of many museums. The Meyerhoffs wanted to create a scholarship to help deserving returning students who need additional assistance to close the gap between tuition and financial aid during their sophomore, junior, or senior years.

Rebecca and Joseph Meyerhoff Scholarship

The Rebecca and Joseph Meyerhoff Scholarship was established in 1984 with a generous gift from the Harvey and Joseph Meyerhoff Family Charitable Fund, longtime supporters of higher education and the arts in Baltimore. This scholarship is awarded annually to students who demonstrate both academic and artistic excellence.

MICA Alumni Scholarship

The Alumni Association Scholarship is funded by MICA's Alumni Association. A national network of alumni and community of artists encompassing MICA graduates and former students, the Association helps to keep alumni involved with the College and each other through a variety of activities and events. The Alumni Office coordinates activities that focus on career development, fundraising, and participation in the National Alumni Council, which meets annually and is represented on the College's Board of Trustees.

MICA Staff and Faculty Scholarship

This scholarship is funded through donations by MICA faculty and staff who request that their annual gifts to the College go toward this scholarship fund.

Jean C. Miller '42 Scholarship in Art Education

This scholarship was established with a generous gift from MICA alumna Jean C. Miller '42 and honors both her memory and that of her parents, John N. and Carrie L. Miller.

Arthur Mitchell '66 Scholarship

The Arthur Mitchell '66 Scholarship was established in 2002 by Bolton Hill resident Robert S. Ashton in memory of his friend Arthur Mitchell, a 1966 alumnus in Graphic Design. The scholarship is awarded annually to a meritorious Graphic Design student.

Dr. Ernesto Molfino Memorial Scholarship

The Dr. Ernesto Molfino Memorial Scholarship is a Maryland Artists Equity Foundation (MAEF) at MICA scholarship that MICA started awarding in 2008 when MAEF merged with the College. This scholarship honors Dr. Ernesto Molfino, a respected surgeon, who passed away in 2007. The scholarship was created by Ernesto's wife Susan and is a fitting tribute by a family that understands the importance of the arts. The Molfino's son Gino earned two degrees at MICA--a BFA in General Fine Arts and a Master of Arts in Teaching. The Molfinos were active on MICA's Parent Council during Gino's undergraduate career, and Gino continues to excel today, recently winning a Fulbright Fellowship for international study.

Edward C. Morton, Jr. '80 Memorial Scholarship

The Edward C. Morton, Jr. '80 Memorial Scholarship commemorates Edward C. Morton, Jr., who was a student at MICA at the time of his death. In 1977, his family created the endowment to fund the award, and friends of the family added their contributions. The award is given annually to a meritorious and deserving student of any major.

Freda Mueller-Eichelberger '81 Scholarships

In Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, and Environmental Design

The Freda Eichelberger '81 Scholarships are awarded to a Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, and Environmental Design major annually. They were established originally, and are contributed to still, in an unusually creative and generous way. In 1996 alumna Freda Eichelberger, who received her BFA in General Fine Arts from MICA at the age of 66, contributed her own funds to establish a scholarship endowment. Since then, she has asked friends and family who wish to acknowledge her birthday and holidays to do so through donations to the College instead of gifts to her. Every year in May, Mrs. Eichelberger hosts a themed party to commemorate her birthday and raise money for MICA students. The most recent Freda Eichelberger '81 Scholarship recipient is always invited to join in the festivities.

Louise N. Myerberg Family Scholarship

The Louise N. Myerberg Family Scholarship was established by the Alvin and Louise Myerberg Foundation and is awarded annually to meritorious and deserving students who demonstrate financial need. The Myerbergs are longtime friends of the College; Alvin Myerberg was a local business leader and philanthropist, supporting Baltimore's many cultural institutions and programs through the family foundation. Members of this very talented family are artists as well as art appreciators. Alvin's wife Louise was a skilled interior designer who took classes at MICA. The couple's three children - Wendy, Jennifer, and Henry - also studied at MICA, and have pursued their interest in art as adults. Wendy is a fiber artist, Jennifer is a potter, and Henry is an architect. Alvin and Louise's daughter, Wendy Jachman, now serves on MICA's board of trustees.

National Endowment for the Arts John Renna Art Scholarship

The National Endowment for the Arts John Renna Art Scholarships embody the generous spirit and vision of the late John Anthony Renna. His bequest to the NEA allowed the agency to provide funds to independent schools and colleges of art so that more talented, deserving students of limited means could develop their creative capacities.

Rett Nearburg '07 Scholarship

The Rett Nearburg '07 Scholarship was established by Charles and Dana Nearburg in memory of their son, Rett. The scholarship is awarded annually to students interested in interactive media and other electronic arts disciplines. Recipients are asked to visit www.rett.org to learn more about Rett and view his work.

Andrea Duria Nugent Memorial Scholarship

The Andrea Duria Nugent Memorial Scholarship was established in 2016 to honor the life of Andrea Duria Nugent (May 29, 1943 - April 26, 2016) by Dick, her husband, and daughter, Michelle. Andrea had a phenomenal spirit for having lived a life filled with hardships—those of which did not allow her the opportunity to receive a formal education past middle school. She, however, knew the value of a formal education and always encouraged her daughter to advance as far as possible in her chosen field of art and its many disciplines. To that end, Michelle received a BFA from The College of New Jersey ('09) and a MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art ('13).

In memory of Andrea's giving spirit, Dick and Michelle established this scholarship providing opportunities for young artists to further their education. The Andrea Duria Nugent Memorial Scholarship endowment will support undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need in pursuing academic studies within any program at MICA. The College will give special consideration to students who have family-ties to the Philippines, Andrea's country of origin, or alternatively, Southeast Asia.

Christopher J. Overholser '65 Scholarships

In Graphic Design and Illustration

Ruth and Spencer Overholser created the Christopher J. Overholser '65 Scholarships in gratitude for the education their son received at MICA. The scholarships, awarded annually to a promising and deserving rising junior or senior on the basis of achievement, is a fitting tribute to Christopher Overholser, a talented designer who worked his way up in the advertising field. Chris began his career as a board artist for E.G. White Advertising, Inc. and eventually became art director at that and other agencies. His current company, The O Ring, is aptly named: Chris is part of a circle of Overholsers who are artists and MICA alums. His wife Sarah Bolyard Overholser received her BFA in Art Education in 1967 and teaches art in Henrico County, Virginia. Their son Robert received his BFA in Illustration in 1997 and is a partner in the O Ring as well. Daughter Terry graduated in 1999 and is a photographer.


Please contact Nayeli Garcia Mowbray, Assistant Director, Stewardship & Donor Relations, at mgarciamowbray@mica.edu or 443-423-1023 for corrections to this list.

This page was last updated on 04/05/2018.