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Donor-Funded Scholarships: A-C

Jerome Abrams '46 Memorial Scholarship

The Jerome Abrams '46 Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of MICA alumnus Jerome Abrams through a 1976 bequest from his father, Joseph Y. Adams, and contributions from other family members and friends. A talented photographer whose work was included in The Architecture of Baltimore, Jerome Abrams died at age 27. This scholarship commemorates his achievements at MICA and helps ensure that other gifted and deserving photographers have the opportunity to study their craft.

ACT-SO Award

The ACT-SO Scholarship Endowment was established in 1990 by Constance Caplan. The National ACT-SO (Academic, Cultural, Technological, and Scientific Olympics ) Competition is run by the NAACP and it provides scholarship and counseling funds to MICA for African-Americans in the Young People's Studio Program, which offers an array of classes designed to inspire creativity in young people through high-quality instructional experiences in the visual arts. The purpose of the ACT-SO endowment is to fully fund the program so that it can be self sustaining. ACT-SO, which stands for Academic, Cultural, Technological, and Scientific Olympics, is a yearlong enrichment program sponsored by the NAACP. Through a collaborative effort with local organizations, ACT-SO is designed to recruit, stimulate, improve, and encourage high academic and cultural achievement among African American high school students.

AEGON USA, Inc. Scholarship

The AEGON USA, Inc. Scholarship is awarded each year to a rising sophomore, junior, or senior of any major who is in good academic standing and demonstrates financial need. The scholarship was established by AEGON USA, Inc., a division of the Netherlands-based multinational insurance group AEGON. The corporation acquired longtime MICA neighbor and supporter Monumental Company in 1987. Ten years later, AEGON USA, Inc. representatives toured MICA's campus and, impressed by the caliber of students and the emphasis the curriculum places on educating the total student, renewed the company's historical commitment to the College by creating the endowment for this scholarship.

Priscilla Alexander Scholarship

The Priscilla Alexander Scholarship, established in 1997, is the brainchild of 1981 alumni Patricia Alexander and is funded by her mother, Priscilla Alexander. Pat, a member of MICA's painting faculty who also teaches in the General Fine Arts department, saw a need for a General Fine Arts scholarship at MICA. Priscilla gives generously to many schools. Both women are grateful for the financial support that Pat received as a student, and both are committed to MICA's students. By establishing this scholarship, they can, in Pat's words, "pass the gift along" to deserving young artists.

American Council on Italian Matters of MD Scholarship

The American Council on Italian Matters of Maryland (ACIM) is a local charitable organization whose primary mission is to provide scholarship support for students to attend local Maryland colleges. ACIM is one of MICA's longstanding supporters, awarding this annual scholarship to deserving students since 1972. This scholarship is awarded annually, with a preference for female students with Italian heritage who reside in Maryland.

Art Market Scholarship

MICA's Art Market, which began in December 2007, is a thriving collaboration among MICA students, faculty, and staff. Each December, the MICA Art Market provides the campus community and the public with an excellent opportunity to find new works by emerging artists as well as collectables from leading artists in their fields. In 2008, the Art Market committee decided to celebrate the continuance of Art Market by using a portion of the proceeds to offer annual scholarships for deserving students.

Michael D. Asner '61 Scholarship

Michael D. Asner's love of art and design inspired his family and friends to create the Michael D. Asner '61 Scholarship, in honor of his memory. Michael graduated from MICA in 1961 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. His legacy of exceptional talent, beautiful work, and selfless generosity lives on through the generations of architectural design students at MICA who benefit from this support.

Associated Italian American Charities of MD Philip Vizzini Memorial Scholarship

The Associated Italian American Charities of Maryland (AIAC) is a local charitable organization that provides scholarship support to students pursuing an education at the college level. The AIAC is one of MICA's longstanding supporters, awarding this generous annual scholarship to students of Italian heritage since 1987.

Florence Austrian Scholarship

A Baltimore native, Florence Austrian attended Goucher College prior to studying at the Maryland Institute College of Art with Leon Kroll (1884-1974) and John Sloan (1871-1951) who was a member of the group of New York Realist artists known at The Eight. Austrian was very active in civic affairs and was known locally as the person responsible for the renewal of the Eutaw Place neighborhood where she grew up and lived her entire life.

Baltimore Watercolor Society Scholarship

The Baltimore Watercolor Society Scholarship is a Maryland Artists Equity Foundation (MAEF) at MICA scholarship that MICA began awarding in 2008 when MAEF merged with the College. The Baltimore Watercolor Society (BWS) was started in 1885 and now has 500 members from the Mid-Atlantic region. Members are artists who create original works in water-based media. The BWS provides exhibits, workshops, lectures, and demonstrations for their members. BWS created this scholarship in 2003. You can learn more about the BWS at their web site: Batimore Watercolor Society.

Ira J. Basler, Jr. and Mary K. Basler Memorial Scholarship

The Ira J. Basler, Jr. and Mary K. Basler Memorial Scholarship commemorates local philanthropists Ira and Mary Basler, whose estate created the Ira J. Basler, Jr. and Mary K. Basler Foundation. The Foundation gives grants for scholarships to Maryland educational and charitable institutions that teach music and art.

Jacob & Hilda Blaustein Foundation MACA Fellowship

The Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation is a Baltimore-based philanthropic group that promotes social justice and human rights through its giving programs. The Foundation has been a great supporter MICA's Master of Arts in Community Arts (MACA) program from its inception, providing generous funding for both the establishment of the MACA program and annual scholarship support for MACA students.

Lois and Irving Blum Foundation Scholarship

The Lois and Irving Blum Foundation established an endowed scholarship program at MICA nearly two decades ago to help make it possible for outstanding students with financial need to attend the college. Lois Blum Feinblatt, who heads the foundation, has been a lifelong advocate of community engagement and always had a strong belief that education is the "passport to a good and fulfilling life."

Jules M. Bodarky Scholarship

The Jules M. Bodarky Scholarship commemorates Jules Bodarky, who studied at Pratt Institute and the New York School of Design where he explored the techniques of printmaking, watercolor, and serigraphs. Mr. Bodarky had an extensive career in the arts, working in the art department of Loews MGM Pictures, at advertising agencies, and as art director for Douglas Engineering before moving to Maryland, where he ran Towson Artist Supply, published a newsletter for artists, and was active in the local arts scene. His widow, Edith Bodarky created the endowment to fund this scholarship, awarded each year to an undergraduate student with talent, promise, and seriousness of purpose.

Marcella Brenner W'32, H'01 Distinguished MAT Scholar Award

The Marcella Brenner W'32, H'01 Distinguished MAT Scholar Award is awarded annually to two students who are enrolled in the MAT program. The scholarship is funded by an endowment created by a longtime MICA friend and supporter. Marcella became connected to MICA through her husband, the painter Morris Louis, who graduated from the College in 1932. In addition to her scholarship for MAT students, Marcella created the Morris Louis '32 Scholarship to provide substantial support for a meritorious and deserving painting major.

Ruth Jenkins Bristor '35 Scholarship

The Ruth Jenkins Bristor '35 Scholarship was established by William Beverly Bristor, Jr. in memory of his mother, MICA alumna Ruth Jenkins Bristor.

Reuben Brook Memorial Scholarship

MICA alumna Kara Brook '86 created the Rueben Brook Memorial Scholarship in memory of her father, who overcame polio and much else in the course of his life. Kara is similarly resourceful and courageous. In 1983, at the age of 18, Kara formed the Brook Group - an advertising, design, and marketing firm - to supplement the scholarship support that was enabling her to attend MICA. By the time she graduated in 1986, her firm had 12 clients, and it has been expanding ever since. A 1994 project to design a web site for Signet Bank brought the Brook Group into the field of Internet design and led to a contract with America Online (AOL). Since then, the Brook Group has developed an ongoing relationship with the U.S. Department of Justice; expertise in projects relating to finance and medicine/health; specialization in all areas of technology and communications; and a talented design team, many of whom are MICA alumni. Kara Brook credits her firm's success largely to the encouragement her father gave her and to the scholarship support and education she received at MICA. The Reuben Brook Memorial Scholarship is her way of giving back to both.

Eddie C. and C. Sylvia Brown Scholarship

The Eddie C. and C. Sylvia Brown Scholarship was established by the Brown family for three fold purposes: to help MICA achieve its goal of diversity; to help the student recipients get an education at one of the premier art institutions in the country; and to engage donors in the diversity initiative.

Jim Burger '82 Photography Scholarship

Jim Burger graduated from MICA with a photography degree in 1982 and has spent nearly 30 years as a professional photographer at the Baltimore City Paper and the Baltimore Sun. As a freelance photographer, his varied clients have included AARP, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and the Lou Gehrig's Disease Association. Recipients of the scholarship are welcome to view Jim's work at burgerphoto.com.

Ceramics Alumni Scholarship

The Ceramics Alumni Scholarship was created in 2008 to honor longtime chair of the ceramics department, Ron Lang. The scholarship continues through gifts from ceramics alumni who wish to encourage the next generation of ceramics majors at MICA.

City of Baltimore Young People's Studio Awards

The City of Baltimore has provided scholarship support for a range of degree and non-degree programs at MICA for over 100 years. The city has provided scholarship support for the Young People's Studio Program from 1999 to the present.

Theresa & Abraham Clapman Scholarship

The Theresa & Abraham Clapman Scholarship is a Maryland Artists Equity Foundation (MAEF) at MICA scholarship that MICA started awarding in 2008 when MAEF merged with the College. Theresa & Abraham Clapman had four children who loved to create art as children and continue to as adults. Two of them have developed careers as art educators and professional artists. As parents, Terri and Abe learned the importance of nurturing young artists. The Clapman Fund was created in 1998 under MAEF's stewardship.

Betty Cooke '46 Scholarship

The Betty Cooke ’46 Scholarship is awarded to a meritorious rising junior majoring in either Fibers, Ceramics, or Interdisciplinary Sculpture who demonstrates a strong design sensibility. The scholarship was created in 1996 by Martha Head to honor her close friend, leading jewelry designer Betty Cooke. Mrs. Head and her late husband Howard established the Howard and Martha Head Foundation, Inc., whose primary giving is to arts, culture, and education in Maryland; and Mrs. Head continues the couple’s long friendship with the College and with Betty Cooke. Cooke is a 1946 MICA alumna, former faculty member, and Alumni Council member whose work has toured Europe and Asia and is in numerous private and public collections, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Walker Art Center, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Boston, the American Craft Museum, and the Musee des Arts Decoratifs de Montreal. She is the owner of The Store Ltd in Baltimore’s Village of Cross Keys, a specialty gift shop she and her late husband, former MICA trustee and faculty member, William O. Steinmetz '51 (1927-2016), operated together for many years. The Store is renowned for the fine design and craftsmanship of its merchandise and serves as a showcase for Cooke’s unique jewelry.


Please contact Nayeli Garcia Mowbray, Assistant Director, Stewardship & Donor Relations, at mgarciamowbray@mica.edu or 443-423-1023 for corrections to this list.

This page was last updated on 04/05/2018.