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Gregg Lhotsky ’86

As an agent and partner of the firm Bernstein & Andriulli and an instructor at the International Center of Photography in New York, Gregg Lhotsky '86 is actively involved in shaping the careers of young artists. His company currently represents and manages more than 100 photographers and illustrators, as well as hair and makeup artists, stylists, website designers, gaming designers, and other creative professionals.

His class at ICP, The Business of Photography, prepares aspiring photographers to build a professional portfolio and website, present themselves to potential employers, and conduct successful business transactions. "I've met thousands of photographers, and the marketplace is incredibly crowded, very competitive," says Lhotsky. "When it comes to getting a job, your picture-taking ability is one-tenth of the whole pie. You really have to know how to run a business and present yourself properly to have a competitive edge. There's this fallacy that you get out of school and you get a beret and you're an artist-- but you still have to market yourself."

Lhotsky lost touch with the College as he built his career, but in recent years began re-connecting with MICA friends.In April 2008, a mailing from his alma mater that focused on ways to create a named scholarship reminded him that he'd reached a point in his career when he could afford to give back to the College that had helped him get his start. He contacted MICA to create a scholarship, to be awarded annually, beginning in the 2009-2010 academic year, to a photography major with demonstrated financial need and a keen interest in pursuing a career in the commercial photography field.

"As a working professional in the field of my major now for over 20 years, I felt a responsibility to give back not only to the school that set me on this path, but also to future professionals like me," he explains. "I value the foundation that I received at MICA, and I hope that students can use the scholarship to get a foot in the door of their futures. MICA made it very easy to put together a scholarship that met my wishes and the students' needs."