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Giselle Lewis-Archibald ’05 ’07

Giselle Lewis-Archibald '05, '07 became active in MICA's student community the minute she stepped on campus, and her involvement at MICA continues today. She serves on the national Alumni Council and is the Council's liaison with the Board of Trustees' Committee on Student Affairs. "Attending the Alumni Council meetings," she says, "I realized that only about 12 percent of the alumni give to the Annual Fund, and I realized what a difference it can make if just one more person participates. Sometimes that little bit of money really does make a difference."

Lewis-Archibald, a native of the British West Indies, transferred to MICA her sophomore year. "My counselor recommended MICA because he thought it would be a great fit for my personality," she says. "He was right." She joined the Mentoring Network when she arrived at MICA, and her participation in the network to support new African-American students at MICA became a part of "every campus job and every interaction with my peers. For instance, as a Hall Advisor for residence life, I saw myself as a mentor/advisor to every resident in my community-I planned student activities, helped with personal issues, gave technical help, and acted as a mediator in times of conflict." Lewis-Archibald held down a total of four jobs on campus during her undergraduate career, including positions as a tour guide and peer career counselor, just to make ends meet. "To be honest," she explained, "my decision to make a gift to MICA centered around the fact that each time I applied for a degree program, I wished there were more scholarship funds available. So many students go through this and end up having to depend on private loans. I can't give as much as I would like right now, but hopefully what I can share will help a student's development at MICA."