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Gifts of Personal Property

We are receptive to gifts of personal property: artwork, collectibles, books, equipment and other items that help us advance our mission.

If you are considering such a gift, we will be able to guide you in determining if the pieces can be used by the College -- a requirement of the IRS to qualify your gift for a charitable deduction -- and in securing an independent appraisal to establish the amount of your deduction. Keep in mind that we are not a museum, so we may be able to accept only works of art that can be sold easily on the open market.

Note that most all gifts of personal property are made to the College outright. In rare cases, it may be possible for the donor to arrange for life income to be paid to him or her in return for the gift. However, significant tax considerations make it advisable for you to consult your advisors and our office first before proceeding with such a plan.

If you are considering a gift of art or collectibles, please contact:

Rita L. Walters
Vice President for Advancement
Office Telephone:  410-225-2262