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Gifts in Partnership with MICA

  1. Charitable Remainder Unitrusts

    Did you know that this powerful life-income gift is our most creative planning tool for donors? The unitrust pays you a fixed percentage of principal and reinvests excess income. You have flexibility in determining who will manage the unitrust, the length of the income payout and the number of income beneficiaries, and which assets will be placed into the trust.

  2. Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts

    Did you know that you can combine flexible management of your gift with a predictable fixed-income payout? The annuity trust is individually managed and can pay fixed income for life or a term of years to multiple beneficiaries.

  3. Charitable Lead Trusts

    Did you know that one gift plan reduces the cost of transferring assets to your family – while delivering immediate benefits to MICA? The lead trust holds appreciating assets for a term and pays income to MICA, then passes the principal to your family. This gift plan freezes the taxable value of appreciating assets but passes on to your family the full market value after the period of income to MICA.

  4. Retained Life Estates

    Did you know that you can give MICA your house and continue to live there rent-free? Learn the tax details here.

  5. Charitable Bargain Sales

    Did you know that this part-gift/part-sale transaction gives you a charitable deduction plus cash to purchase other property? Details on this creative gift plan are here.