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Important Dates for Seniors

There are many important dates and deadlines to remember from now until Commencement, May 16. To help you keep track of these, we have created a list of all the important dates & deadlines throughout the Spring semester.

If you have any questions about any of the following dates, please call the Student Activities Office at 410-225-2284 or email us at Congratulations!


1/23 Senior Thesis Grant Application DUE
More information can be found on the Senior Thesis Grant Website.


2/1 MANDATORY Senior Meeting at 3pm or 5pm, Falvey Hall
2/4 Herff-Jones Commencement Fair. Personalized Commencement announcements, class rings, etc.
Sales representative at Café Doris, 11:30am-3pm. You can also order online.
2/5 Email sent out with information to "Apply for Graduation" and complete the Graduating Student Survey. These are two (2) MUST-DO forms, due March 11th. You must complete these two forms to receive Commencement tickets.
MICATalks 6-8pm, Leake Lecture. RSVP Required
2/9 2016 Commencement Exhibition Guidelines and Proposal Form available online. 
2/10 "Art of the Interview" 2:30-3:30pm BR320. Career Development for more info, 410-225-2420
2/19 "Pop Up & Pitch Day" 3:00-5:00pm Leidy Atrium, Brown Center, Career Development, 410-225-2420
2/26 "Mock Interviews" 3-5pm, Gateway 200, reservations required. Career Development 410-225-2420


3/4 Internship + Career Fair, 2-5pm, Brown Center.
Contact Career Development for info, 410-225-2420.
3/9 "So you want to Freelance? Tools, Tips and Tricks" 2:30-3:30PM BR320, Career Development, 410-225-2420.
3/11 DEADLINE Apply for Graduation and Graduating Senior Survey  (See February 5)
You must complete these forms to receive your Commencement tickets.
3/12-3/20 Spring Break
3/21 DEADLINE for Senior Commencement Speaker applications submitted to Student Activities
-A senior will be selected to speak at Commencement.
-Candidates will be interviewed by a committee and the top candidates will be placed on a ballot.
-The Senior Commencement speaker will be voted by their peers from April 1-8
Ticket pick-up will be Monday through Wednesday, 11am-1pm and 3pm-5pm.
All seniors must pick up their 4 allocated tickets during these days. All tickets not picked up will be redistributed on Friday, March 25. Each guest must have a ticket to enter Symphony Hall for Commencement.
3/22-3/29 Commencement Student Speaker interviews.
If unclaimed tickets are available, each graduating student may have an additional 2 tickets. These tickets will be available on first-come, first-serve basis. Once all tickets are claimed, there will be a waitlist.  

The redistribution of available extra tickets will be online. Instructions will be included in the weekly newsletter. 
Fine Arts Reviews 1-4pm, Main Building, Registration Required. Career Development for more info, 410-225-2420
3/31 "Post Art $chool $urvival: Financial Issues for Artists" 4-5pm, Leake Lecture LH101.
Contact Career Development for info, 410-225-2420


4/1 DEADLINE Pedestal/ Equipment submission part of proposal closes.
4/1-4/8 Commencement Student Speaker voting 
4/4 DEADLINE for transcripts from other Colleges and Institutions to Enrollment Services, 2nd fl. Bunting.
4/5 "What's Your Story? Building Your Professional Identity" 12:00-1:00pm, Brown 320
Contact Career Development for info, 410-225-2420.
4/8 Commencement Student Speaker announced.
4/28 Up/Start MICA Entrepreneurship Competition. Lazarus Center Auditorium.


5/2 DEADLINE MANDATORY Commencement Exhibition Proposal Form for all students exhibiting.
DEADLINE ArtWalk Participation Registration
5/5 DEADLINE for Information for your Hometown Press Release to
5/6 Campus parking tickets must be paid by this date. Student Accounts, Bunting 2nd floor.
DEADLINE for interviews with Student Accounts for students with Federal Perkins Loans
Graduating Students' Accounts
  • Student Account Services must close all students' accounts on the last day of classes
  • All Student Account financial obligations must be cleared, parking tickets paid and all library books and audiovisual equipment must be returned in order to pick up your gown & beret or to participate on the ceremony
  • If you have met all your financial obligations to the College, you should be receiving a check in the amount of your security deposit within four weeks following Commencement.
    If you have questions, contact Student Account Services, Bunting 2nd floor
All student artwork, supplies, etc MUST be removed from every academic building.
  • Only Commencement Exhibition artwork may remain in department spaces after this date
  • All student lockers must be cleaned out
  • Departmental or instructor permission to leave or store other artwork or supplies is not valid
Anything left after 6pm that is not clearly labeled for the Commencement Exhibition will be disposed.
5/7-5/12 Installation of Commencement Exhibition
Facman will need to complete wall installations in some rooms before you can begin installing your exhibition. They hope to have it all done by end of day Monday, May 9. You will need to paint your walls.
See Exhibition Guideline page 2.
5/9 DEADLINE 9am - 4pm Students exhibiting in Decker or Meyerhoff Galleries deliver artwork to gallery. If you do not meet this deadline, you will forfeit your space.
DEADLINE to make arrangements for your guest with special needs attending Commencement. Contact Student Affairs, 410-225-2422, to make arrangements for them (Sign language, wheelchair access, etc)
5/11 Buildings with Commencement Exhibitions will stay open until 2am for students to complete installation.
5/12 NOON - Commencement Exhibition Installation Complete including labels
ARTWALK, 5pm-9pm
Advancement Department preview party by invitation. Pre-registered participating seniors must check in at the tent between 3:30-4pm (see May 2) to eat dinner before going to your exhibition area.
3:30-4:00pm Check-in for Exhibiting students who have Registered to participate in ArtWalk.
3:30-4:15pm Registered students who have checked in are invited to complementary supper in the tent before going to their exhibition site. No supper can be served to students after 4:15.
8:30-9pm Students participating in ArtWalk my return to the tent to redeem their drink ticket and visit with the guests
5/13 10am MANDATORY Commencement Meeting for Seniors
Falvey Hall
After Meeting - Beret & Gown Pick-Up, Bunting 110. Pick-up will be available until 3pm
11am-12:30pm SENIOR PICNIC, Cohen Plaza Celebration Tent 
5/13-5/16 2016 Commencement Exhibition open to public
Friday, May 13, 11am-8pm
Saturday, May 14, 11am-5pm
Sunday, May 15, 11am-5pm
Monday, May 16, 11am-5pm 
5/14 MICA Masters Benefit Art Sale (Graduate Programs).   Graduate Studio Center,   11am-4pm
5/15 2016 Commencement Exhibition Reception, 1:30pm-5pm
  • Graduating students, families, guests, and friends join in the campus-wide celebration
  • Exhibition Receptions will be held in the Main Building, Bunting Center, Fox Building, Brown Center, 15/15, Mt. Royal Station and The Gateway.
5/16 Commencement Ceremony (see below for detailed timeline)
5/17 Senior independent studios in all campus buildings must be cleared out and space clean by 4pm.
5/18 NOON. Deadline to deinstall and remove all Exhibition artwork. Leave the exhibition space as you found it. Any artwork left after NOON (12pm) on May 20 may be DISCARDED. Permission by faculty or staff to leave or store artwork on campus is not valid.
By 3pm. Technical Equipment must be returned by 3pm to where it was picked up, AV Services Desk (Art Tech Center) or Exhibitions (Fox 011). Your student security deposit will be assessed if tech equipment is not returned by this deadline. Pedestals will be picked up by Exhibitions Department from your exhibition space.

Commencement Day Timeline (Monday, May 16)

9-11:30am If you did get them on Friday, pick up gowns and berets in Bunting B110.
12pm Arrive at Mt. Royal Station parking lot-do not bring purses, backpacks, etc.
(In case of rain, please still come to the Mount Royal Station parking lot.)
Pick up your "Commencement Name Card." Tables on Frost Plaza, Mt. Royal Station                                                    

**You need this card! You will hand this card to the "Name Reader" on stage to announce your name as you walk across the stage. Write the phonetic pronunciation of your name on the card if you think that will assist the "Name Reader" to correctly pronounce your name.
2016 CLASS PHOTO - in front of the Mt. Royal Station portico With berets and gowns on!
12:30PM Assemble for the Commencement Processional in the Mt. Royal Station parking lot.
Line up in pairs by your Department sign. No need to line up in any order.
12:45PM COMMENCEMENT PROCESSION begins from the Station lot
Please let your family and friends know that the Procession will enter the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall exactly at 1:00 p.m for the ceremony. They need to be seated before then.
Immediately following Commencement there is a reception in the Cohen Plaza Celebration Tent honoring you, the MICA class of 2014. This is the place to meet up with your faculty, family and friends...and photo ops!
By 4PM Return Gown & Beret to B110 and Diploma Pick-up
Graduates must return their gowns and return berets that you are not purchasing.
You will receive a receipt when you return the regalia. You will exchange this receipt for your diploma from MICA Enrollment Services on the 2nd floor of Bunting.
BY 5PM Sales of Exhibition artwork through the MICA College Store will continue until 5pm.
After 5pm you may deinstall and remove your artwork.
***IMPORTANT - If the label has a red dot, it is sold, please leave it in place.

This page was last updated on 03/30/2016.