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Third Year Professional Development Core Skills and Objectives

Developmental Focus: Integrating the Self into the World 

Students continue to build on First and Second Year Core Skills while acquiring Professional Tools and Business Skills.

• Students work to gain insight into their personal processes and begin to develop a body of work with underlying conceptual ideas.

• Students begin to focus on portfolio preparation and professional presentation of studio and scholarly work is practiced.

• Students learn to develop a professional presence by writing a resume, bio and artist statement. A range of options for using the web Internet as a promotional tool are discussed and students implement those best suited to their practice.

• Students are encouraged (and in some cased required) to secure an internship. Assistance in researching and applying for internships is given within departments and at the Career Development Center.

• Students are exposed to sources for grant and competitions are and are taught effective application methods.

• Students are urged to consider graduate school and to begin researching graduate programs.

• Students are presented career options; strategies and resources for finding employment are outlined.

• Students are introduced to the practice of business etiquette and ethics.

• Students set short term and long-term goals for themselves. Strategies for living as producing artists & designers while balancing jobs, family/relationships and community & social responsibilities are discussed