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Fourth Year Professional Development Core Skills and Objectives

Developmental Focus: Transition into the Professional World 

Students continue to build on First, Second and Third Year Core Skills while opportunities after graduation are emphasized.

• Students develop a substantial body of work building on the work done in their third year. It is accompanied by a professional package that includes a resume, a statement about their work and images of their work.

• Students become aware of and prepare for specific careers. These may include teaching, art, design or scholarly related jobs and non-art/non-design related positions.

• Students continue to research graduate school (if appropriate). Those students who want to apply are guided through the application process.

• Students are given instruction in making promotional and public presentations. Opportunities such as commissions, freelance work, public art, exhibition, and entrepreneurial ventures are discussed.

• Students are presented competitive opportunities such as grants, residencies, publications and exhibitions are presented and specifics of the application procedures are discussed.

• Students become familiar with the qualities of a professional physical environment, a studio or study, and specifics of how to establish one after graduation.

• Students learn the value of establishing a professional network.

• Students learn the basics of financial planning, tax preparation and the important pieces of business management.

• Students become familiar with copyright laws and appropriate uses of written contracts.

• Students are introduced to the professional associations in their field.

• Students practice developing leadership skills by taking responsibility in class group activities and in both on & off campus programs.

This page was last updated on 06/12/2018.