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Hobbies/Social Organizations

The Guild

This is an organization for students to hang out and play various traditional and role playing games including Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Pirates, Heroclix, Pokemon and others. We occasionally plan a trip to the Renaissance Festival, along with regular Magic drafts and play tests for both new and familiar games.

The League of Legends Club

The purpose of the league club is to provide a space for people to share their interest in League of Legends. It will provide an opportunity for students to connect with each other and build an inclusive community within MICA. Not only that, it's a great way to relieve stress but just have a fun time!

The Maryland Institute Hunter's Academy

The Maryland Institute Hunter's Academy is for anyone and everyone who likes Monster Hunter! Each week we hold meetings for those who wish to play the game together and meet other MICAns who like the game series and franchise.

MICA Anime Club

Every weekend, the club will show one of Studio Ghibli Amazing films. From Sprit Away to Graveyard of the Fireflies, each weekend will choice a random film from Ghibli. Hoping to show some more obscure works Ghibli has done along with a quiz night to test one trivial with each film, with prizes and such.


MICA DIY Club seeks to provide a collaborative space on campus for students to learn methods of turning their art into marketable merchandise. We cover a variety of topics and run workshops on subjects related to self-publishing and crafting items such as buttons and patches. We focus on programming to teach new skills and all majors are welcome!

MICA Makeup Enthusiasts

Makeup is a form of self expression and a medium open to all iedntities. Our group brings together all races and genders of any skill level to learn about makeup, skin care, tips and tricks, and swap ideas! Anyone interested can attend our events such as makeup swaps, tutorials, and more. Keep an eye out for when our next event is!

MICA Writing Collective

MICA Writing Collective provides space to all writers of various genres to share and make progress on their own personal projects. The intent is to motivate, enourage, and provide support to see individual projects advance. If you are a writer of any genre or looking to develop your process, this is the group for you! 

The Pokemon League

This group is here to bring MICA students together to interact with others who love the game and franchise.

Sequential Arts Club

Our goal is to provide an outlet for MICA students interested in making comics and other forms of sequential art and visual journalism. We encourage and critique each others' work, as well as produce several zines and anthologies of our work over the course of the year.

This page was last updated on 02/06/2018.