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Academic/Major-Related Organizations

ALSACE Film Club

ALSACE Film Club's brings the voices of women and non-cis gendered people to the forefront of film through focus on collaborative story and video productions.

Design League

The Design League aims to expand students' knowledge and interest in design, going beyond the classroom experience by offering peer-to-peer conversations and workshops. All are welcome and encouraged to contribute.


The Graduate Exhibitions Committee, also known as GradEx, would like to expand the opportunities MICA graduate students have to showcase their work. GradEx is a student run organization that facilitates learning experiences through the curation and exhibition of art and design. 

Graduate Interdisciplinary Club*

Do you know any painting students who have wanted to work with a graphic designer to create wall text for their exhibit? Are there sculpture students who would like to get experience making sets for a film? Any social design or community arts students who would like to work with a photographer or filmmaker to document their work? These are just some examples of the types of collaborations that the Graduate Interdisciplinary Club hopes to facilitate. This club will get the creative juices flowing between departments and help students develop professional collaborations that last long after graduation. Our target audience will be Graduate Students of all disciplines. The Graduate Interdisciplinary Club will hold 2-3 events per semester, hosted by different programs each month where the hosting department showcases recent projects and pitches opportunities for students in other disciplines to get involved. There will also be short, student-led skill sharing workshops to provide hands on experience in new and interesting mediums.

Illustration Club

Our vision: To create a family for the MICA Illustration Club department by connecting MICA students studying Illustration, providing materials and opportunities for them, and creating an open and collaborative environment. We are dedicated to changing the Illustration student experience, students of all levels are welcome to join us for social events, student panels, juried exhibitions, and more!

National Art Education Association (NAEA) Student Chapter*

The MICA NAEA Student Chapter is a student led organization that strives to foster relationships within the MICA community, the Art Education community, and the surrounding Baltimore/ Maryland community. We advocate for arts education at MICA and in the local community. This includes a mentoring network called Generation Next: Empowering Future Leaders, where we actively seek to make greater connections among undergraduate and graduate students who express interests in art education, while working with Baltimore City youth. The NAEA Student Chapter also provides different learning opportunities, which help support professional development for future art educators.

MICA Wood Club

Join MICA Wood Club, where students learn more about woodworking techniques and wood as material outside of classes. We host workshops, field trips to galleries, trips to the woods, tool auctions, and conventions. We foster an inclusive wood shop community for students interested in wood working within any major or experience level.

Women in Animation Student Chapter

Women in Animation (WIA) is an international non-profit dedicated to gender equity and professional development for those interested in animation, production, and design. This student chapter will bring those resources and principles to the MICA community. Students (particularly female or non-binary) interested in working in the animation or games industry of any major should consider joining! WIA seeks to promote the art of gender minorities in the professional field of animation. Through workshops, panels, and educational events, we strive to bring the principles and values of WIA to MICA in order to provide students with the knowledge and tools to further equality in the industry.

*Graduate Student Organization

This page was last updated on 05/22/2018.