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Meal Plans

Our meal plans are designed specifically to match the lifestyle of artists. They're also your best buy for eating on campus-you always get more for your dollar when you use a block meal rather than purchasing the same items à la carte.

Breakfast is served both à la carte and "all-you-care-to-eat." A la carte and block meal selections are available in both the Meyerhoff House Dining Room and at Café Doris, located in the Fox Building. Lunch and dinner in the Meyerhoff House Dining Room during the week and all weekend meals (brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday) are "all-you-care-to-eat."

In addition to the block meals, meal plans include "dining dollars." These provide the greatest value when used for a cup of coffee or a snack between classes. Dining dollars are exclusively for food at Meyerhoff House Dining Room, Café Doris, and Java Corner and may be redeemed without using a block meal.

Meal PlanCost
200 Meal Plan
(14 meals/week* with $75 Dining Dollars)
150 Meal Plan
(10 meals/week* with $125 Dining Dollars)
100 Meal Plan
(7 meals/week* with $135 Dining Dollars)
75 Meal Plan
(5 meals/week* with $80 Dining Dollars)

* Approximately

Students may change, add, or drop meal plans. Once the meal plan change period has expired (5 days after start of classes), students will be locked into the meal plan for the duration of the semester not be able to drop or reduce plans.  Students can always add 10 meal blocks to existing meal plans if  they are running low on meals.  Please note that unused meals will be forfeited at the end of each semester. Dining dollars carry over from fall to spring semester but are forfeited at the end of the year.

Sign Up or Change a Meal Plan

If you wish to add, drop, or change a meal plan, search your e-mail for "Meal Plan Selection Fall 2014".  You can use the form included in this message to submit your request.

First-year undergraduate students living on campus are required to have the 150 meal plan.  These students will be automatically enrolled in this meal plan but can elect to upgrade to the 200 meal plan with the online form.

Change requests must be made prior to Friday, September 5th, 2014.

View Meal Plan Balances

To view your meal plan balances, please go to There can view meals remaining and your dining dollars.