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MICARD, Meal Plans and Flex


Your MICARD is used for your identification, building access, meal plan, dining dollars and flex. Your first MICARD will be issued during Orientation.

If your card is lost or stolen:

  1. Log into your MICA GET Account at https://get.cbord.com/mica and mark your card as lost. This prevents your meals, dining dollars and flex from being used.
  2. Go to the Campus Safety Administrative office (1501 W Mount Royal Ave) to report your card as missing and to obtain a replacement. If you are unable to go to Campus Safety or if it's outside of their normal business hours, please call 410-225-2245. This prevents your card from being used to access MICA buildings.
  3. Once you get a new card, your account will be assessed a $25.00 ID Replacement Fee.
  4. To re-activate your meal plan, dining dollars and flex, visit the Student Accounts office during regular business hours.

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Meal Plan and Dining Dollars

Meal plans and dining dollars can be used at the following locations:

  • Meyerhoff Dining Hall
  • Café Doris
  • Java Corner
  • Glace Grill

Meal Plans

Meals provide entry to the Meyerhoff Dining Hall and can be used to purchase certain food items at other on-campus dining locations. Please inquire at each loacation  about which items are eligible as meals.

Unused meals expire at the end of each term.  Additional meals can be purchased in blocks of ten.

Click here for Meal Plan pricing.

  • 200 Meal Plan (includes 75 Dining Dollars)
  • 150 Meal Plan (includes 125 Dining Dollars)
  • 100 Meal Plan (includes 135 Dining Dollars) Not available to Foundation Students living on Campus
  • 75 Meal Plan (includes 80 Dining Dollars) Not available to Foundation Students living on Campus

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars can be used at all on-campus dining locations. They are useful when purchasing smaller items such as coffee or a snack when students don't want to order a full meal.

Unused Dining Dollars will carry over from the Fall to Spring term, but expire at the end of the Spring term.

Selecting a Meal Plan

Students may change meal plans within the first week of each semester. No Changes or refunds will be made after that time. Unused meals will be forefeited at the end of each semester.


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Meal Plans for Incoming Students

Meal plan selection will be available to all incoming students after they are given access to their MICA.edu email address.

Undergraduate Foundation Year students living on campus will automatically be enrolled in the 150 meal plan unless they select the 200 meal plan.

On rare occasions the College will allow a student to waive out of the meal plan requirement. The most common causes for providing such a waiver are medical concerns related to the meal plan and financial hardship. In order to apply, click here to request a meal plan waiver. Your completed request will be forwarded to the Office of Student Affairs.

Meal Plan Pricing can be found here.

Flex Account

All current students have a Flex Account associated with their MICARD. The Flex account works like a debit card. Money must first be deposited before it can be spent.

Depositing to a Flex Account

  • Visit MICA GET - Account at https://get.cbord.com/mica. You can sign in with your MICA username and passwords or make a deposit as a guest without logging in.
  • Email StudentAccounts@mica.edu to transfer a credit balance from your student account to your flex account.
  • Visit or call the Student Accounts office to pay by cash, check or overseas credit/debit card.

Locations that accept Flex payment

Flex Account Policy

Flex account funds never expire and can be used year round. The funds carry over from semester-to-semester, and can be used in the Summer. When a student graduates, withdraws, or takes a leave of absence, all funds that are in the flex account will be refunded back to the student within 90 days.

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This page was last updated on 06/21/2018.