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Find out more about the staff who help you throughout the course of the year. Our residence life team is committed to your success; please connect with these staff members, as an additional resource during your stay here.

Professional Staff for Office of Residence Life & Off-Campus Housing

Scott Stone, Director of Residence Life & Off-Campus Housing

The Director of Residence Life  & Off-Campus Housing oversees all aspects of housing for both undergraduate and graduate students. The Director is ultimately responsible for the supervision of all residence life staff and works within the Office of Student Affairs on the overall vision of MICA's residence life program. The Director can be reached at 410.225.2398.

The Residential Coordinators of Residence Life & Off-Campus Housing are live-in professional full time staff members with a Master's Degree who works as a member of the Student Affairs team to oversee all functions of on-campus housing in the residence halls. Additionally, the professional staff and the Graduate Assistant share duty rotation to respond to emergency and crisis situations.

Matthew Smith, Residential Coordinator for Foundation Year Experience
Matthew manages Carter and Spear Halls; Matthew Smith can be reached at 410.462.7599 or msmith14@mica.edu

La-Riese Eldridge, Residential Coordinator for Special Interest Communities
La-Riese manages Glace and Leake Halls; La-Riese Eldridge can be reached at 410.462.7598 or ledridge@mica.edu

Evyn Cosgrove, Residential Coordinator for Upperclassmen & Graduate Communities
Evyn manages Gateway, MICA Place and the Mt Royal Graduate community; Evyn Cosgrove can be reached at 410.225.5278 or ecosgrove01@mica.edu

Pia Colon, Residential Coordinator for Emerging Communities
Meyerhoff House; Contact Pia Colon at 410.225.5277 or pcolon@mica.edu

Constance White, Office Manager
The Office Manager is responsible for maintaining effective communication within the department, providing support for all departmental staff members, customer service, various administrative duties, supervising work-studies, updating the housing rosters, billing, and PeopleSoft database skills. The Office Manager works closely with staff and students within the parameters of the college mission. The Office Manager can be reached at (410) 225-2398 or residencelife@mica.edu. (NOTE: All payments and refunds are processed by the Student Accounts Office. You can find information for Student Accounts here.)

Graduate Assistant
The Graduate Assistant is a live-in staff member who assist both the Residential Coordinators and Director of Residence Life & Off-Campus Housing in the supervision of Residence Hall Front Desk Operations.

Residential Advisors
A Residential Advisor (RA) is a member of the Office of Residence Life and a MICA student, who works and lives in campus housing. The RA shares the responsibility for implementing the basic goals of the Office of Residence Life by promoting individual and community development through educational and social programs. The RA role consists of several components including being a campus resource to residents, a peer counselor, a community builder, and assisting with both College and Residential Life policy enforcement.

Desk Assistants
Desk Assistants are responsible for managing the day to day front desk operations, including, packages, mail, and entrance security. They are a valuable resource for students twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Desk Assistants are also helpful to visitors and staff.

If you need assistance and can not reach your students Residential Coordinator, please contact the Office of Residence Life & Off-Campus Housing at (410) 225-2398 or residencelife@mica.edu.

This page was last updated on 06/19/2017.