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Damage Appeal Process

Download the Damage Appeals Form in PDF format.

The process for determining charges includes damages and the cleanliness of your apartments common area and bedroom as well as community damages and cleanliness.

The Appeal Process deadline is e-mailed to students at the end of the fall and spring semesters respectively. All appeals submitted after the deadline period will not be considered. Appeals will NOT be accepted via telephone or e-mail.

All appellants will receive notice within two to three weeks regarding the status of their appeal. The Appeal Process Board's decision is FINAL and cannot be appealed. If the cost of damage exceeds your $250 damage deposit, a hold may be placed upon your student account if the payment is not made by the indicated deadline.

Residence Life, Facilities Management and Building Services are responsible for all repairs and determine the cost of the damage. These amounts are pre-determined and are based upon charges for time, labor, and materials. The cost to repair or replace fixtures in apartments or bedrooms may NOT be appealed.

Final apartment inspections are NOT conducted by student staff at the time of check out. The Residential Life Professional Staff are responsible for assessing damages in apartments and conducting inspections within 48 hours of departure.

Grounds for Filing a Damage Appeal

  • You were billed for damage(s) that you believe to be a result of "normal" wear & tear.
  • If you believe that you have been billed incorrectly or in error.
  • If your claim is that another individual is responsible for the damage. The student responsible might need to meet with the Residential Coordinator and be asked to sign a Damage Responsibility Form, which will result in the responsible party being billed. Without this documentation, the Appeal Process Board will not reverse the charges.

All Appeals must be made with the Damage Appeal Form (PDF) and sent via standard mail to the following address:

Maryland Institute College of Art
Attn:  Office of Residence Life
1300 Mt Royal Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21217