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Quick Answers

Residence Life Frequently Asked Questions

When will I find out about where I am living?

The entire assignment process is completed over the summer and students should receive their assignment letter by late July. The assignment letter includes specific apartment information (single or double room, apartment number, etc..) as well as names, addresses and e-mail addresses of roommates/apartment mates.

Can I see my room before moving in?

Many of our rooms are in use during the summer for the pre-college program, other academic programs, maintenance and upkeep; therefore rooms are not available for viewing or measuring prior to check in.

Why did I get a double when I requested a single?

Single bedrooms are limited and are first come, first served based on the date your application and deposit is received. Please do NOT call the Residence Life Office requesting a single bedroom. If you requested a single bedroom on your application, you are placed on this first come, first serve list.

What is an RA?

A Residential Advisor (RA) is a student-staff member of the Office of Residence Life who works and lives in on-campus housing. The RA shares the responsibility for implementing the basic goals of the Office of Residence Life by promoting individual and community development through educational and social programs. The RA role consists of several components including being a campus resource, a peer counselor, a community builder, and assisting with both College and Residential Life policy enforcement.

What is included in my room?

Founder's Green:

  • Bedroom- Twin extra long bed, wardrobe & drawers, homosote boards on one wall
  • Common Area- Table and chairs, Large Trashcan, Futon Sofa & Chairs, Full kitchen.


  • Bedroom- Murphy or Loft style bed with FULL size mattress, wardrobe & drawers, and homosote boards on one wall. If in a double room the bed size is a twin extra long.
  • Common Area- Table and chairs, large trashcan, Full kitchen in MOST 3, 4 and 5 Bedroom apts. Kitchenette only in MOST 2 bedroom apartments includes refrigerator, microwave, cabinets and sink.

Mount Royal:

  • Bedroom- Regular twin size beds (not extra long), dresser, closet, homosote boards on one wall
  • Common Area- Couch and living room chairs, end table, kitchen table and chairs, large trashcan, and full kitchen. Mount Royal Apartments have wall to wall carpeting.

Does my room come with a student desk?

Most on-campus housing facilities at MICA do not come furnished with student desks. The Gateway building is the only living option that has a desk underneath the loft bed. There are a number of reasons why we do not provide desks, but mostly because each student will need such drastically different working spaces depending upon their medium that finding a desk universal enough to suit the needs of all students and majors has not been possible. Since this is one of the most common questions families have before arriving for Orientation, our office has taken the liberty to ask current MICA students what has worked best for them with the hopes that this might guide your decisions. However, please keep in mind that these are only options. You may find that in the age of lap tops and portable technology a desk is not needed at all. However, if you do decide to get one, here is what other students have recommended:

A common piece of advice is to get a folding table that is light and large. One that will be easy to move after their first year and that does not require assembly. We have seen these priced typically in the $29-$59 range. If you are interested in an artist’s drafting table, it has been recommended that students purchase one in the low $200 range. Basic office desks can be difficult in the bedroom space depending upon size, but if that is your preferred route (lots of storage space for supplies) they are typically best. You might also think about one that is made for a corner of a room.

The Office of Residence Life strongly encourages you to wait on purchasing a desk until after you have had an opportunity to settle in the new space, at least for the first week. We know that families often want to settle in as quickly as possible, but experience has shown us that often decisions on desks are rushed in to before the student really knows what they need or even how much space they comfortably have to work with. Most places can arrange delivery of any items you need.

Is my room air-conditioned?

Heating and cooling systems vary by building, but all rooms come with an air-conditioning system installed.

Does my room come with window treatments?

All windows come with horizontal blinds. Sutton place apartments come with large vertical blinds. Window sizes vary greatly even within buildings, so if you want to purchase additional treatments you must wait until you move in and measure the exact size. There are many retailers within driving distance of campus.

How often are rooms cleaned?

Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and apartments. Building Services staff is responsible for cleaning the public areas (hallways, lounges, etc.) and public facilities. Students with bathroom facilities in their individual rooms or suites are responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms on a regular basis with their own cleaning supplies.

Do I have cable?

Residence hall apartments do not have cable. However, cable access for your television viewing pleasure is available in the residence hall's student lounges typically open 24/7.

Can I make long distance calls from my room?

Phones and phone lines are NOT included in the rooms; Increasing numbers of our students are finding cellular phones to be an affordable and convenient alternative for long distance and messaging services. There are emergency phones that are connected to a landline that are located throughout our residence halls, usually near the elevator or stairwell. These phones should only be used in the event of an emergency.

Are there direct hookups in each room for internet?

All residence hall apartments come with Ethernet hook up for computers. The wireless coverage at MICA is growing as we continue to make upgrades to our technology. Currently, most students can have wireless access in their apartments and in the common areas of the residence halls.

Where can I do laundry?

Founder's Green, Meyerhoff House and Gaeway are equipped with laundry rooms that are open 24 hours a day to all MICA students. These facilities can be operated by either quarters or flex dollars.

Are all the halls co-ed?

Our Residence Halls are Co-Ed, but all freshman apartments are single sex.

Are pets allowed?

With the exception of fish in an aquarium (aquarium size limited to ten gallons), pets are NOT permitted in college housing. This includes visiting pets, like family members’ or friends’ dogs or stray cats. Pets found in student apartments will be removed by Residence Life staff or the appropriate city agency. Students will be billed for cleaning and will be subject to disciplinary actions. Residents are strongly discouraged from feeding stray animals.

Can I smoke in the Residence Halls?

All students residing in campus housing will be required to abide with the non-smoking resolution. Smoking is still permitted outside, as long as you are 20 feet or more away from the building.

Can freshmen have cars on campus?

Yes. You may purchase a parking pass for the Founder's Green Parking Lot at Campus Safety, located at 1212 Mount Royal Ave, extension 410.225.2355, email security@mica.edu.

Where can I put my bike?

Students may lock their bikes to the bike racks that are provided around MICA's campus. Bicycles left in the racks must be locked  and are left at their own risk. MICA is not resposible for any damage or theft releated to your bicycle. Because access to the stairwells, balconies, hallways and walkways is important for residents carrying their supplies and for the necessity of emergency exits, bikes are not permitted in stairwells, hallways, gates, railing or walkways. We strongly encourage students to use two sturdy bike locks at any location.

Can I store my personal belongings at MICA?

While MICA does not recommend or discourage any particular storage solution, here are a few options that we know of for student storage:

ezStorage Charles Village
2600 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD. 21218

Devon Self Storage (Hampden)
3634 Falls Road, Baltimore MD
10-662-6464 (ask for Bob)

Here is a tool to search local areas that you may find helpful:


When can I start getting mail in the Residence Hall?

Mail can not be delivered to your Residence Hall address until the day you move in. All mail received prior to Move-In Weekend will be marked "Returned to Sender". The only exception is for International Orientation Move-In which must be pre-approved through the Residence Life Office.

What can I do if I think I don't like my room assignment?

We regret that we are unable to accept requests for change of assignment once assignments are mailed out. You may not make roommate or apartment changes without the approval of the Residence Life Office. Adjusting to living with others whom you do not know takes time. Many students make the assumption that a relationship will not work out before they have taken the time to communicate their needs and listen to the needs of others. To help you lean to communicate your needs and expectations, the staff will likely ask you and your apartments to complete an apartment agreement that specifies the rules and norms you and your apartment-mates decide to live by in your home. The substance of the agreement is up to you and your apartment-mates. When conflicts arise, we ask that you discuss your concerns with your apartment-mates first. You may also go to your Residential Advisor (RA) or any of the professional staff for help. They will assist you in this discussion, if necessary. In order to give students time to get to know each other and to work things out with their apartment mates and to determine vacancies, the Residence Life staff does not generally allow apartment changes during the first three weeks of school.

Can I get studio space to do work?

The College has developed several large shared studio spaces in Founder's Green.  Residents may reserve a space for a week at a time through the Studio Manager. Limited studio space is also available in Meyerhoff House for Meyerhoff residents and in the Gateway for Gateway residents. These spaces are to be shared by the entire student community in each Residence Hall, and consequently need to be entirely cleared out at the end of the sign-out period.

Do I have to carry my MICARD all the time?

Student residents should carry their MICARD with them at all times and will be required to produce it when entering Founder's Green, Gateway or Meyerhoff House and when they lock themselves out of their apartments. Students are required to show Campus Safety and Residence Life staff their MICARD when asked, typically when you enter any campus building.