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Information for MICA Parents

Dear MICA Parents,

Maryland Institute College of Art is fortunate to have as its students many of the best young artists in the country. They did not gain the skill, motivation, talent, intelligence, and accomplishments that earned them a place at one of the nation’s top colleges of art and design by themselves. Your support and encouragement was critical to getting them here, and your encouragement and support remain essential to their success in college. Over their years at MICA, our students mature and grow, both as people and as artists. As they evolve into accomplished adults, the nature of their relationship with you will also change. As a parent of college-age children, I understand that as parents it can be difficult to allow our sons and daughters to become more independent, to find ourselves playing a less central role in their daily lives.

MICA has long recognized the important role parents play in our students’ development, and we have created a number of programs and resources to keep you informed and to make it easy for you to communicate with us. These handbooks are one of those resources. They are full of helpful advice and based on more than 25 years of feedback from parents. I hope you will read them and keep them as references.

Our most successful graduates are those who not only develop their artistic and intellectual skills while they are at MICA, but also acquire self confidence, maturity, and independence to do what they want with the abilities they possess.

To new parents, I’d like to offer a hearty Welcome to MICA! And I welcome back returning parents, many of whom I have had the privilege to meet and speak with.

Fred Lazarus