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Important Information

Tenant's Right in the Rental Property

Landlord Responsibility

Safety & Repairs

Crime and Disturbances

Evictions & Lockouts

Ending the Lease

Resolving Complaints and Rent Court

Changes in Ownership

  • What if my Landlord Sells the Property? Sale of Rental Property (MaryPIRG)
  • My Apartment complex is being converted into condominiums. What Can I Do? You may have certain rights and privileges when this happens Conversion to Condominium Ownership
  • My Apartment Complex is Being Foreclosed on. What Can I Do? You have certain rights that may protect you if this occurs Foreclosure of the Property
  • My Apartment Complex is Being Sold Because of Taxes Owed by my Landlord. What Can I Do? If the property is sold, you may be evicted regardless of your lease Tax Sale Notification

Lease Option Agreement

My Landlord is Offering me a "Lease Option Agreement". What is it, and Should I accept it?

This is an option to purchase some interest in the property you are renting

Lease Option Agreements