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Tenant/Landlord Guide

Finding a great off-campus apartment is an adventure that many of our students look forward to, and most are very successful. MICA’s Office of Residence Life and Off-Campus Housing will provide you with tools (like this guide), listings (like our weekly off-campus housing list), advice (just stop in either office!), and resources to help you with any problems that might arise while you are living off-campus (like landlord advice). However, our office CANNOT find you an apartment, screen landlords, keep track of your paperwork, pay any rent or fees, sign your lease, or act as a lawyer. Please consider us a resource as you begin your search, but please remember that the adventure of finding and keeping an off-campus apartment is your responsibility.

MICA’s Office of Residence Life and Off-Campus Housing does NOT screen landlords. However, we do appreciate when students keep in touch with us about their experiences off-campus—both good and bad. When a student seeks our assistance dealing with a troublesome situation—or when a student shares an off-campus success story with us—we will often ask the student to write about the experience and leave this documentation in our office for reference by other students.

Please check these additional resources when finding housing; if you have other resources that have worked for you and it is not listed below, please contact our office to let us know.