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Searching for a Good Fit

You have been thinking about off campus housing…You have figure out your living expenses (Budget Expense Form) and worked out your financial aid... and it is just impossible to live alone. What do you do?!?! MICA’s Residence Life & Off-Campus Housing Department suggests a couple options:

  1. Look on the Residence Life "Find Off Campus Housing" pagelet. You can view apartments that are "seeking a roommate."
  2. You can also use craigslist.com, citypaper.com, or livebaltimore.com, seeking apartment where a roommate is being requested.
  3. You can also post your need for a roommate on these forums.

Most students find it financially essential to have a roommate. Whether you decide to live with a good friend, an acquaintance, or a stranger, it is important for all parties to agree to and sign a "Roommate Contract."

Roommate Contract

It is strongly suggested that roommates agree in writing to simple ground rules immediately upon moving in by using the Roommate Contract. Finances, especially utility bills, tend to cause problems among roommates. The lease should be in everyone's name but utilities can be places in only one person’s name. Be sure to include your structure of payment with all cost relating to your apartment. When all conditions have been agreed upon, each roommate should sigh and date the agreement to show a financial commitment.