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Residence Life & Facilities Management Work Order Request

The Maintenance Connection system is very user friendly and will allow you to track the progress of your work requests. You will also receive updates on the status. In order to be able to log-on to the system, please follow the instructions below to get connected:


  1. Go to maintenance connection web site (https://my.maintenanceconnection.com/mcv18/online/mc_login.htm)
  2. Use the following login credentials:
    a. Member ID: "mica student" (without quotes)
    b. Password: "student" (without quotes)
  3. Click "Submit Service Request" and fill out as many form elements as you can with the information you know.
    a. Select an appropriate date for "Needed By." Note that there is no guarantee that the work order will be handled on that specific day.
    b. Select "RESIDENCE LIFE" for the department
    c. The "Location/Asset" should be as specific as possible
    d. In the "Short Description" box describe the problem as specifically as possible describing the exact problem including apartment number, building name, and bedroom letter (if necessary).
  4. Click "Submit"

Before submitting a work order please note the following:

  • Confer with roommates to decide who will submit the request to avoid duplicate requests.
  • The boxes indicating who you are, your phone contact, and especially your email for confirmation of acceptance have to be be filled out. You will not be able to submit the work order if this information is not filled out. Without this information, the people assigned to your work order cannot fulfill the request.
  • Include all pertinent information in the large highlighted "Short Description" text box (Who, What, Where, When, and Why).
  • Please be as complete and descriptive as possible. Proofread to avoid confusion so the work order can be completed as efficiently as possible. Work orders containing inappropriate language will not be honored. Please be patient and do not resend the same work order.

Emergency Work Orders

Please keep in mind that the Maintenance Connection system is for all NON-EMERGENCY requests only. For requests such as power outages, temperature control, immediate hazards, flooding, or anything that prevents the function of your apartment, please contact your appropriate Front Desk:

Founder's Green: 410.462.7500

Meyerhoff: 443.552.1600

Gateway/Mount Royal: 410.225.5286

Checking the Status of a Work Order

Anyone who submits a request can log on later to check status of that request or work order. After logging on to the request page, click "Service Request Status." Use the Find feature for your browser (Ctrl/Command +F) and type in your request number (in your e-mail correspondence) for a status report.

Work orders will be completed first by order of urgency and second by order received. Work orders will be addressed within three days of submission, however large workloads and higher priority work orders may cause this time period to be extended.

If you have any questions about the work order system, please email rweeden@mica.edu for assistance.

Submit a Work Order Request