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Community Engagement

Residents seeking unique experiences will benefit from programs intended to empower students and faculty to be  catalysts for change. Programs and events will integrate civic activism with art and design education. MICA PLACE will serve as an intellectual and artistic hub for graduate students with a focus on urban community building.

MICA PLACE community spaces will offer residents a unique and valuable living and learning experience. The first and second floors house gallery, seminar and studio spaces available for programs, services and events centered on community outreach. Programs in those spaces will be based on a marriage between residents and the community. Faculty will aid in coordinating events and projects that are representative of community needs, working directly with members of the community to promote well being and prosperity in East Baltimore. MICA PLACE residents will be able to engage in community events and outreach purposely designed to involve local residents in a way that empowers and educates them.

Floor 1 - Community Spaces


Floor 2 - Community Spaces