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Recognition... Insight... Openness...

Feeling stuck? Having a hard time dealing with stress, anxiety, relationships, or depression? Or just want to learn more about healthy ways to deal with issues?

MICA Student Counseling is offering a RIO program to help you manage these and other challenges. RIO is a 3-part seminar series taught by the Counseling Center. It presents strategies and exercises to help you look at issues in a new way. It can help you identify more helpful methods of dealing with things as they come up in life.

Here are some examples of issues RIO can help you cope with: stress, perfectionism, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, comparing self with others, getting along with roommates/family/friends, relationship issues...

What if I don't feel comfortable in groups?

RIO is structured and curriculum-driven, like a classroom. You are never required to share anything with the group if you do not feel comfortable doing so. However, you may find that you sometimes do feel like sharing some of your reactions. Either way the decision is always up to you - RIO facilitators respect each person's decision to participate as much or as little as they would like.

Please call or come in to our office for more information.

MICA Student Counseling
1501 W. Mount Royal Ave. - Lower Level

RIO Relaxation Exercises

(to be used in conjunction with RIO seminars)

Session 1:

Breathing Space

AGE Technique

Session 2:

Leaves in the River

Acceptance for Understanding

Session 3:

Acceptance of Pain and Struggling

This page was last updated on 08/30/2017.