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Student Organizations

Race/Ethnic and Cultural

Asian Student Alliance (ASA)

The Asian Student Alliance (ASA) offers MICA students the chance to experience Asian culture through visits and explorations of various Baltimore-area Asian communities. The ASA provides information about Asian culture to its members, as well as supporting the Asian Mentoring Network. The club is open to anyone who is interested in Asian culture regardless of their cultural background.

The Black Student Union (BSU)

The mission of the Black Student Union (BSU) is to improve the quality of campus life for students of color and to provide the best environment to foster the creation of artwork. All MICA students are welcome to join the BSU. Many social and cultural activities are planned annually including visits to culturally unique museums such as the Great Blacks in Wax and the Reginald Lewis Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, and The National Gallery in Washington, D.C. Other activities include Black History Month exhibits.

Chinese Student Association (CSA)

We are an organization gathering Chinese students at MICA. The purpose is to create a home for Chinese students to help each other and to create a space for communication about art.

Hispanic/Latino Student Union (HLSU)

The Hispanic/Latino Student Union strives towards encouraging and enabling the academic, professional, and social success of Hispanic/Latino students on campus. Through strengthening relationships and the cultural development of students on campus, HLSU can expand influence and ensure growth.

Korean International Student Association (KSA)

The Korean International Student Association (KSA) offers members of the MICA community the chance to learn more about Korean culture and identity. This student-run organization seeks to spread such awareness through educational, cultural, community, and social activities held throughout the year. The KSA also works to promote and support the advancement of Korean students' artwork at MICA and beyond.


Maryland Institute Queer Alliance (MIQA)

The Maryland Institute Queer Alliance (MIQA) provides a variety of programming, support, education, and social activities for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, straight, and questioning students at MICA. MIQA celebrates queer culture and strives to build community on campus.


QTNB is a wellness/interest group for trans students, staff & faculty. This is a safe space where trans gender non-conforming people can socialize and partake in fun activities and build community.

Religion/Spirituality Affiliation

Agape Campus Christian Fellowship

The MICA Agape Christian Fellowship desires to see many students on campus experience the power of God's love and how it has changed their lives. The group is praying for a new generation of student believers who love God and have a passion for loving others as Jesus Christ has loved.

Chinese Bible Study

Chinese Bible Study Fellowship (CBSF) exists to equip Chinese Christians at MICA to be disciples of Christ and to grow together as Christ-centered artists. CBSF is also open to everybody who wants to know more about Christianity. Some CBSF activities include bible study, outdoor activities, and special church events.

Koinonia Christian Fellowship

A student-led group partnered with InterVarsity (www.intervarsity.org) that exists to provide support for Christians of all denominations on campus as well as an open, welcoming environment for those who are curious to know more about Jesus. The group meets weekly for bible study/devotion and fellowship.


MiCatholic is a faith-based, social club that is open to everyone - students that identity as Catholic and non-Catholic are welcome. Its mission focuses on catholic education, such as the teaching of the church and feast days of saints.

MICA Chinese Bible Fellowship

Our mission is to reach, educate, grow and train today's Chinese artist students becoming Disciples of Christ, achieving their goals of being the light of the world and glorifying God.

Mission in Christian Artists (M.I.C.A.)

M.I.C.A. is committed to creating an environment for artists to learn about the Christian faith.

Oy! Jewish Student Organization

Oy! aims to provide social opportunities for Jewish students, while also educating the campus about Jewish customs and culture.

This page was last updated on 01/30/2018.