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Center for Identity and Inclusion

The Center for Identity and Inclusion bases its philosophy on inclusion and fostering recognition and respect for the voices of all students.


The Center's mission is to create a welcoming environment for all students, with a specific focus on the academic, social, and cultural needs of students pertaining to issues of culture, class, race, gender, sexuality, identity, religion and more.


The Center provides a safe space for students to bring their issues, address their concerns, and obtain direction, information, referrals and mentoring. Please see our Diversity Resources tab for more information.

Diversity Grant

Students who have actively participated in Center for Identity and Inclusion programs are eligible to apply for the Diversity Grant.


The Center organizes history months, exhibitions, performances, and workshops that explore personal and cultural identity. Please see our Calendar for more information. 

Mentoring Network

Motto: "Making a Difference"

The African American, Latino/a, Asian American, and LGBTQ Mentoring Networks are a personal support program. First-year and transfer students are connected with upper-class mentors to offer peer-to-peer support and guidance during their transition to MICA. Programming includes a variety of educational workshops and other activities throughout the year.

D.I.D. Programming Committee

The purpose of the Diversity Programming Committee is to plan and coordinate programs that serve the cultural needs of MICA's diverse student body, as well as to provide guidance and assistance for programs sponsored by the Center. This year the Programming Committee is comprised undergraduate MICA students with special programming focuses in the following areas: Ability, Asian Identity, Black/African American Identity, Latino/a Identity, LGBTQ Identity, Men's Programming, Spirituality, Women's Programming, and Annual Benefit Fashion Show. 

Identity-Based Organizations

These organizations include the Asian Student Alliance, Black Student Union, Hispanic/Latino Student Union, Korean International Student Association QTNB, and Maryland Institute Queer Alliance.

Religion/Spirituality-Based Organizations

These organizations include Agape Campus Christian Fellowship, Chinese Bible Study Fellowship, Disciples on Campus, Koinonia Christian Fellowship, MiCatholic, Mission in Christian Artists and OY! For more information, refer to Programs & Organizations.

Make an Appointment with Office Staff

To schedule an appointment with Clyde Johnson, Associate Dean, or Jellema Stewart, Assistant Director, please email the office at diversity@mica.edu or call 443-552-1659. Office hours are M-F, 9:00am-5:00pm. The office is located in Meyerhoff RM 108.

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