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H1N1 Dining Services Guidelines

Dining Rooms and Cafeterias

Consider the following temporary measures to reduce influenza transmission:

  • Place a sanitation station at the entrance to the dining facility. Require patrons to use the alcohol-based cleaner or sanitary wipe prior to entering the facility.
  • Reduce patron concern by posting information summarizing the steps that the food service facility is taking to reduce influenza transmission, why these steps are being taken, and what individuals can do (i.e., routine hand washing, cough etiquette, social distancing).
  • Assign dining services personnel to continuously sanitize hard surfaces that are commonly touched by patrons.
The Baltimore City Health Department may recommend temporary closing of dining facilities for the following reasons:
  • Flu transmission at other food service facilities;
  • limited use of the facility by patrons;
  • high levels of employee concern about flu transmission at the food service facility;
  • very low availability of cafeteria staff;
  • elimination or reduction in catering and special even dining.
    • Possible box and pre ready meals may result

Food Preparation Areas

Consider the following temporary measures to reduce influenza transmission:

  • Train all kitchen employees on flu transmission and prevention measures.
  • Require the use of rubber gloves, paper food service masks, smocks, and head gear for all food preparers at all times in the kitchen.
  • Arrange for kitchen staff uniforms to be washed nightly.
  • Frequently sanitize food prep items (pots, pans, knives, cutting boards, and similar items). Soak implements in bleach solution for 30 minutes (1 cup household bleach for 5 gallons of water or 20 liters).
  • Ensure close monitoring of food item delivery to ensure kitchen contamination does not occur. Do not let the delivery person in to the kitchen.
  • Dispose of cutting boards that are pitted, cracked and otherwise in poor condition.