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H1N1 Campus Closures

If a pandemic influenza outbreak necessitates a change in the College's operational status, all members of the community should follow instructions given through the Emergency Notification System (ENS).


If a pandemic influenza outbreak requires a change in campus operational status, the Vice President for Operations (or designee) makes the decision after consulting with the; Provost, Dean of Continuing Studies, and any others with responsibility for academic programming; appropriate department/division heads; and, if appropriate, the President.


The decision to close campus or curtail certain operations will be made on a schedule that will allow the College to post a Campus Status Notice by 7 am for day classes/administrative offices, and by 3 pm for evening classes and events.


  • Once a decision has been made, the Vice President for Operations or designee will contact the Associate Vice President for Communications or, if they are unavailable, the Director of Media Relations, to activate ENS notification about campus status. The Office of Communications will post Campus Status Notices throughout an unfolding pandemic influenza outbreak.
  • The Shuttle Coordinator sends updated information about the status of shuttle operations throughout the event.
  • Event organizers are responsible for informing the Office of Communications of the status of their events on the timetable above if they wish their event status to be included in the official Campus Status Notice; otherwise, they are responsible for posting updated event status information to the College calendar, and for answering all inquiries about event status.
  • If the campus is closed, only essential personnel (see MICA's Emergency Action Plan, page 11) are to report if necessary. No others are allowed on campus when facilities are closed. Employees must communicate with their supervisors and make arrangements to take appropriate leave time in order to miss work.