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H1N1 Building Services Guidelines

Consider the following temporary measures to reduce influenza transmission:

  • Building service staff and any related contractors should thoroughly sanitize all bathrooms (including faucet knobs and fixtures, and door knobs), restock supplies, and pick up waste on a more frequent schedule.
  • As often as practical, clean hard surfaces commonly touched by employees with a disinfectant solution. These may include hand rails, door knobs/handles, elevator buttons, sinks and faucets, counter tops, light switches, equipment controls, vending machines, and copier and fax buttons.
  • Place reminders of the importance of hand washing and attention to hygiene on all bathroom doors.
  • Stock sanitizing supplies, including bleach, hand sanitizer, tissues, latex gloves and N95 dust masks.
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect areas such as break rooms, bathrooms, lobbies, copy rooms, cafeterias, etc. on a frequent schedule.
  • Assist in placing awareness postings throughout campu; in restrooms, entrance ways, dining areas, etc.