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Untitled by J Raughley


Artist: Jennifer Raughley '11
Medium: rhinestones and acrylic on panel
Dimensions: 18" x 24"

"I enjoy order and control. Perhaps this may qualify me as being slightly obsessive- compulsive. This compulsion has worked its way into almost every aspect of my life. The clothes in my closet hang in color order, my movies are stacked alphabetically, and my books sit on the shelf arranged by size. I thought that this just made me endearingly neurotic, but as I have found, my obsession over order has started to impede my ability to let go of things, except for in my art-making process. I have found that the obsessive-compulsive behaviors that I exhibit in my art-making practice are relaxing and freeing for me. My work started to become more about the materials and process than about the actual content. And now the content has become the obsession itself. The repetitive patterns are mirrored by the systematic action of gluing each individual rhinestone down with tweezers to its predetermined position on the canvas. The meticulous placement is a comfort that ensures that there are no unexpected surprises or loss of control. I relish in my obsession; it allows me to take pleasure in the final outcome and the intensive labor process."