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Recoleta Cemetery: Buenos Aires, Argentina by Kate Lynn Morrill

Recoleta Cemetery: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Artist: Kate Lynn Morrill
Year: 2007
Medium: Black & white photography
Dimensions: 20" x 60"

"As I entered the massive above ground burial, I felt an incredible calm take over. Never in my life had I been so completely swallowed by a space. This series of photographs has come to represent a transition point – that moment where everything pauses, and you have time to breathe. I stood still for a while trying to soak in how I would begin to photograph and gain a relationship with the Recoleta Cemetery. As I looked through my viewfinder, I could not seem to frame a single shot that illustrated how it felt to be there in that moment. Instead, it was a natural transition for me to make the photograph I wanted; one that could express the internal energy and coldness."