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David Acheson Woodward

David Acheson Woodward


A 25-year academic leader of MICA, David Woodward was instrumental in bridging the space between the school's industrial-focused and fine arts curricula. Under his leadership, the first diplomas were awarded from the School of Design and co-educational classes were instituted. During his tenure, the school also produced many of the most popular public lectures on the East Coast, attended by notables including President Franklin Pierce and U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney. Perhaps his biggest accomplishment, however, was his ability to keep the school open during the Civil War, even as it was used at times as a Union hospital and hosted President Abraham Lincoln, who spoke in support of the troops. Woodward prized innovation, and invented the first solar camera, a device which used direct sunlight to enlarge photographs. The school under his leadership offered one of few photography programs in the country.

Image credit: HistoricGraphics.com/Ross J. Kelbaugh Collection.