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Student Designers

The 19th Annual Benefit Fashion show, Transcend, is a runway show that will explore the outward manifestation of the unconscious mind. The designers were asked to go beyond the expected and Transcend their normal, accepted thought processes and reveal a hidden layer of themselves through their garment making.

Samantha Bloom ‘14- Dress Me Dolly

This line is based off the idea of playing dress up as a child, and the lively way garments get thrown together. I am guided by my childhood memories of throwing on wacky clothes whenever I got the chance and parading around in them for all to see. I remember taking large pieces of tapestry found in my house and tying them around my friends and me so that we could pretend for a few minutes that we were embodiments of our imaginary characters. I hope to bring on the razzle-dazzle with these dynamic and unpredictable garments as they bring to life the kid in all of us. Dress me Dolly turns girls into dolls and makes them character versions of themselves, they become so much larger than life.