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Student Designers

The 19th Annual Benefit Fashion show, Transcend, is a runway show that will explore the outward manifestation of the unconscious mind. The designers were asked to go beyond the expected and Transcend their normal, accepted thought processes and reveal a hidden layer of themselves through their garment making.

Olivia Taliaferro ‘12 - RESOLVE: The Beauty Way

RESOLVE represents my persistence to elevate the mundane into something majestic. The concept of building something from almost nothing is relevant both economically and in craft. Applying this idea to fashion, each ensemble is a compilation of small, humble parts that together create a regal impact. Drawing upon several handcraft traditions such as repetition, coiling and cinching, this line represents "a search for refinement or satisfaction like that which the Navajo call ‘the beauty way.'" Many of these garments are only measured by appearance and feel. The layering and accumulation are totally intuitive. My goal with this line is to create a unique fusion of early Native American and African costume traditions, with my own meditative impulses through the exploration of some of their stylistic commonalities.