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Student Designers

The 19th Annual Benefit Fashion show, Transcend, is a runway show that will explore the outward manifestation of the unconscious mind. The designers were asked to go beyond the expected and Transcend their normal, accepted thought processes and reveal a hidden layer of themselves through their garment making.

Leanna Pascual ‘13 - Elle. Em. N. oh. P.

Elle. Em. N. oh. P. is a collection which spans an aesthetic spectrum from clean and simple elegance to a grotesque accumulative takeover of the body. I aim to express the idea of a grayscale and how it relates to my life experiences. When I was younger I used to categorize the world into concrete definitions of right and wrong. Now I am learning that life is more complicated than those simple definitions. I see this line as being an important link for me to continue learning how to balance the fluctuating emotions, thoughts, and events of my life. The aesthetics and material construction of the line correlate directly with my thoughts and emotions.

Leanna Pacual

Photo by Derek Blanks '00